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AD. It is no secret that I quite enjoying cleaning. When I have the time. I don’t want jobs to take longer than necessary though. I’m happy to spend more money on a larger washing machine, or an oven with self cleaning sides. Just as an example. Time is precious to me but I also enjoying having a clean, hygienic and welcoming home when people visit. Add a one year old to that mix, and lots of pets, and there is a LOT of cleaning to be done in my home. It is what it is and today I want to talk to you about the new Persil ultimate Powergems. This is a BRAND NEW product that is hitting supermarkets RIGHT NOW!

A look at the new Persil ultimate Powergems bio detergent

I am personally quite surprised at the size of this product firstly. It usually seems to be that brands want to give products a large appearance, and therefore have lots of wasted packaging. This isn’t the case with these Persil ultimate Powergems.

A look at the new Persil ultimate Powergems bio detergent - See the inner cap-2

The 12 wash product is quite small but still easy to open. When you remove the outer lid there is an inner lid inside. You squeeze the sizes and twist this to remove it. This then gives you access to the Persil ultimate Powergems. You fill up the outer lid, using one of two marker lines, depending on the size/soilage of your wash. The outer lid then goes in your washing machine, on top of the washing. Well, it does in this house. Someone gave me a tip before to put the capful of product FIRST but I just can’t seem to remember to do that! The plus side was I didn’t spill any when doing so… and I’ve used them at least 7-8 times so far!

A look at the new Persil ultimate Powergems bio detergent - place the crystals inside the outer lid

As you can see the outer lid holds the measured amount of Persil ultimate Powergems easily. It is straight forward to decant. Maybe not quite so much as pouring directly into the washing machine drawer. The plus side though is that I actually measure it out accurately and don’t just go by eye. This probably saves me a small fortune as I’m quite generous normally. 

A look at the new Persil ultimate Powergems bio detergent as they go in the machine-2

That is it. Pop it in to the machine and let it do its thing. Ta-dah. Clean washing.

Seriously though I found these crystals worked really well. These towels are a little on the tatty side. They are usually used to clean the bathroom floor, the fish tank or to dry Daisy’s hands. Not all at the same time of course. Anyway, the Persil ultimate Powergems worked a treat. My towels smelled nice and more importantly they were clean. Even at 30C. I like washing on lower temperatures, as it saves money and is better for the environment.

These powergems are basically crystals that rub together in the machine against your washing. This friction helps you have 3x washing power (care, freshness and stain removal). Sounds great to me. Seems to be working too! Our clothes are looking and smelling fresh. We’ve been able to remove stains from Daisy’s clothes too. Including washing this vest when she ate chilli recently.

Daisy enjoying a nice chilli

As a busy working Mum of an active 1 year old I’m really enjoying the Persil ultimate Powergems. They’ve been working great for us and I love trying out something new. These are rather space age and VERY cool looking. I love that I’m trying out something new and best of all they are working well on our clothes too – perfect.

You can find out more about the Persil Powergems over on the Persil website and find them in store soon!

I was paid for this post but all views are my own. We really do enjoy trying new things at home. Our clothes really have been clean thanks to Persil ultimate Powergems!

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  1. katykicker July 12, 2017 / 7:34 pm

    It is nice and compact and no wasted packaging which is great!

  2. katykicker July 18, 2017 / 8:13 am

    I know haha, she is such a messy girl! Baby led weaning… Sigh! It is indeed great – I’m running my machine right now to remove some stains from her tights.

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