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Personalised lunch box from Petit-Fernand (AD – Gifted)

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We were gifted the featured items in exchange for coverage. Our daughter has FPIES, which means she has quite a few allergies. Because of this, and being ill multiple times in the first 2 years of her life, Daisy isn’t the biggest fan of food. At times she can be incredibly fussy. For many months we would have days where Daisy would eat like a bird, and hardly any days where she would want to eat well. Because of this I have taken to making her a packed lunch daily, even when we are at home. I find that offering Daisy lots of variety increases the chance of her eating well that day. Also, it means I can use up leftovers from the fridge and we can cut down on our food waste too. Having a personalised lunch box also means it’s clearly Daisy’s lunchbox if it gets left at relative’s houses.

Personalised lunch box from Petit-Fernand - A look at the two lunchboxes

Using a personalised lunch box means Daisy has lots of variety, as I mentioned before, but it also allows me to get things prepped the night before. I love spending 10 minutes in the kitchen, just before going to bed, getting our meals ready for the next day. I can prepare overnight oats, pack Daisy’s lunch box and prepare one of my slow cooker meals.

Personalised lunch box from Petit-Fernand

I ordered Daisy two of these personalised lunch boxes from Petit-Fernand as I wanted her to have something cute, but easily distinguishable when we dine out with families. Not only do each of her new lunch boxes have her name printed on the top they also have lots of cute pictures on the front too.

Each of these personalised lunch boxes comes with a lid, that has a silicon cap for microwave use, and the lid can be hermetically closed with 4 latches. These are comfortable to use for me, as I have arthritis. Once the lid is opened there is several compartments. Firstly there is the bottom of the contain, which has 2 removable containers within. Then there is an inner box, that can be placed on top, that has an ice pack underneath. The box can be microwaved, providing you remove the ice pack first.

These bento boxes are fantastic. They are strong, and sturdy, and feel very well made. The name detailing on the top is a lovely touch. There is a protective coating too, so hopefully this will be long lasting. I love that the different compartments are customisable and I can fit in all different shapes and sizes of food. The lid should be cleaned with a soft sponge but the rest of it is dishwasher safe, which is fantastic.

I love to pack pasta, fruits & vegetables, sandwiches, crisps, jellies and more inside Bento boxes for Daisy. At night I will raid our fridge, looking for leftovers, to find something different to offer her. I love that these boxes can fit in whole pieces of fruit and I can slice them the night before and they stay fresh. Giving Daisy her own personalised lunch box each day is something I love. Making a meal for her, in advance, and being able to see her excited face when the personalised lunch box comes out is great fun. Also, it helps with organisation and feeling like I’m winning at the work-from-home life when we’re home together just the two of us.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.