Review: Peter Rabbit Hop With Me Plush (AD – Gifted)

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We were gifted this product in exchange for coverage. My lovely little Daisy is a fan of the television show Peter Rabbit. We stumbled across it accidentally when I was using the TV as a babysitter for 15 minutes. She loves the music at the beginning and she seems to enjoy watching the animals on the screen to0. Over the last year Daisy has gone through a number of television shows. She enjoys them for a while, I spend a small fortune on toys then she goes off them. Not one to be deterred I continue on with my toy stocking quest! This time we have the Peter Rabbit Hop With Me Plush for Daisy to play with.

Peter Rabbit Hop With Me Plush

Peter Rabbit Hop With Me Plush - Daisy having a look at the wiggly ears

Daisy’s first impressions of the toy were great. She loves it! As Daisy is under the weather at the moment, hence her spots, the Peter Rabbit Hop With Me Plush has been a great way to distract her. This fantastic toy has 5 Peter Rabbit Sounds, hops and wiggles it ears. I must admit that when it wiggles its ear the laugh sounds a little sinister to me. However, it solicits peals of laughter from Daisy, and she loved holding on to the ears when they were moving!

This toy is designed for children ages 18 months and up. Daisy is 16 months old and she is absolutely loving it so far. Daisy loves being able to press the hand, and make the ears wiggle. This is super cute to watch and a great source of entertainment. Again and again all day! 

So far I’m quite enamoured with this toy. Daisy has a few other Peter Rabbit items now, including a super cute jack in the box! It is great fun to be able to sit around together, play with a toy and have Daisy recognise the sounds. She doesn’t know how to say Peter yet but she definitely recognised this toy when I got it out of the box.

Daisy had a huge smile across her face and impatiently waited as I got it out of the box. There wasn’t too much fiddly packaging, which suits me, and this already has batteries inside. So your little one can play with it right away! There are two cable ties holding it in the box. Then there are two on the feet.

Peter Rabbit Hop With Me Plush - the feet

The feet had cable ties around them, presumably to stop it hopping too much when on display in a shop. Make sure to cut these off before handing over to your little one.

You press the toy’s right hand to make the Peter Rabbit Hop With Me plush hop and the left hand to make the ears wiggle. The 5 different Peter Rabbit phrases are repeated as the toy hops and you play with it – very cute! 

This is 40cm, hops up and down and takes 3 x AA batteries. It comes with batteries provided and despite being pressed at least 200 times so far Daisy has been loving it still! And there are no signs of the batteries running out yet! The five different sounds are recognisable

You can buy the Peter Rabbit Hop With Me Plush from *Amazon. It is super cute and I think any Peter Rabbit fan is going to absolutely love it! Daisy has been thoroughly enjoying it so far and we are building up quite the collection of gorgeous Peter Rabbit toys.

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  1. Caz August 5, 2017 / 4:10 pm

    How cute!!

  2. HAYLEY TURNER August 29, 2017 / 11:28 pm

    Lovely prize

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