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We have been fortunate that Daisy is a pretty good eater. At 8 months old she loves almost all food. When the good people at Piccolo asked us if we wanted to try some of their lovely food we couldn’t say no!

I am a lover of batch cooking, cooking from scratch & home grown produce. There is definitely a time, and a place, for convenience in our lives. As I’ve got several chronic health conditions there are times I just don’t feel 100%. On days like this I love the convenience of pouches.

Having a pouch on hand allows me to give my daughter a healthy meal. These 100% veg pouches from Piccolo are full of goodness. They contain the sort of great ingredients that I want to feed my daughter too.

Pouches are ideal for keeping in my bag when we are out for the day. As my daughter has cows milk protein allergy it isn’t always possible to find a lunch menu that contains suitable food. Because these blends are 100% vegetables I know that they are going to be safe. Also, Daisy loves vegetables! I’m sure that’ll change as she gets older but for now I am enjoying it and feeding her up with all the organic goodness of these pouches.

We love Piccolo for the convenience – and the goodness!

Daisy enjoying her Piccolo pouch

Another thing that I love about pouches, besides the convenience, is that my daughter has learned to use them herself. This means that I can supervise her eating while I enjoy my own lunch or dinner. This is fantastic as it means I finally get a few minutes to myself!!

Daisy has really been enjoying her Piccolo 100% veg pouches. These are available from Waitrose for around £1.10 per pouch. These pouches are full of organic mediterranean goodness and Daisy absolutely loves them. I think they are pretty good too – we’ll definitely get these again when we are in Waitrose.

Daisy is also wearing her fantastic Tidy Tot bib and tray kit in this photo!

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