Getting festive with Pines and Needles (AD – Gifted)

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We were gifted our Christmas tree in exchange for coverage. Christmas for us has become so much more of a big deal since Daisy arrived in 2016. We have felt really excited for Christmas the last two years and this one will be the best one yet, since she was born at least! We are going to be celebrating Christmas this year with our whole family. Our morning will begin with opening presents at home, then we are off to see my husband’s side of our family. Then we will be spending the rest of the day with my Mum before Thomas has to go to work. I wanted to get started early on the festivities this year and this week we took delivery of a beautiful Nordmann Fir from Pines and Needles.

Merry Christmas

Taking delivery of our tree from Pines and Needles

Delivery was super simple. We had an allotted day, and an all day time slot. The tree came before lunch and it was well packaged. It came in a green bag in white netting and was simple to unpack. I was really surprised at how well it had its shape. Then there was the usual requirement to take a small amount off the bottom of the trunk. We got a self-watering stand with ours and this comes with bolts, to hold the tree in place. Setting it up was really simple, and only took a few minutes. Once in the stand it is help centred in place and I thought this was a great feature to be honest. Looks lovely from the moment it is in place.

Pines and Needles Stand

There were quite a few loose needles during delivery, and while installing the Nordmann Fir. After this we haven’t noticed any needles dropping yet, presumably because the tree is in the watered stand. Obviously throughout December we will be keeping this Christmas tree well watered.

Top of Pines and Needles Christmas tree

Our Pines and Needles tree has been decorated with low heat LED lights, to ensure that they are safe for the tree, and will not make it dry out. Obviously it is important to keep a tree watered and away from sources of heat or ignition as real trees can catch fire. 

Pines and Needles decorations

Pines and Needles trees

Pines and Needles tree

As you can see the tree that we have received is really bushy, has lots of branches and looks lovely and full. Also, it came with a free mini tree and mistletoe – which was a lovely touch!

What I love about the Nordmann Fir is that it is low drop, has softer needles that other varieties and has a lovely smell. It is sustainable too!

Now I’m a real believer in sharing the joy, especially at Christmas time, and I have gifted this tree to my lovely Mum. Pines and Needles have a lovely option to Gift A Tree for Christmas. You can even choose Christmas trees that have decorations with them. This is a wonderful way to let someone know that you’re thinking of them at Christmas time, or even make an elderly relatives home festive.

Looking to order a Christmas tree? Be sure to use code TREE17 for a 10% discount! You can buy a tree online with Pines and Needles or you can call them on 0203 384 9420. They also have multiple locations throughout the country to pick up your own beautiful Christmas tree, depending on your location.

Daisy and Grandma at Christmas

Daisy and Grandma had wonderful fun decorating the Christmas tree!

Here is the tree in all it’s glory:

Take a look at our new Christmas tree from Pines & Needles

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