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Pizza dough in the breadmaker – cheap and fun!

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My husband and I love a nice takeaway. It is a bit of a weakness really! We have resolved to have fewer takeaways this year, and every year since we started having takeaway money I think!

Making pizza dough in the bread maker is a great way to save some money, eat some lovely meals and these days we’ve upgraded our setting to use this dough in our very own Ooni pizza oven with a built in pizza stone.

Pizza is always a hit with everyone in our family and I love how easy it is to make a big batch of dough and then let my little ones customise their own pizza. Everyone gets a meal they’re happy with and it only takes me 1-2 minutes to cook each pizza too which feels great and let’s me get on with sitting down and having a relaxing evening with my family.

We do still get takeaways, just less frequently and we save money on takeaways that we do buy. Feels like a win win really, especially with how expensive everything is to buy now.

I love making homemade pizzas, from homemade pizza dough, particularly air fryer pizza. They are SO cheap, compared to takeaways. Also, they are easy and best of all they are a bit fun too!

If you’re using your air fryer then air fryer garlic bread, air fryer pizza bagels and air fryer pizza rolls works really well too. If you’re using a pizza oven then I often make a second batch of this dough so that I can make some garlic butter dough balls.

I’m sharing with you today my recipe to make pizza dough in the breadmaker, and tips on how to make a cheese stuffed crust pizza too. You can also find the answers to some of the most popular pizza related questions I’m asked.

This is a UK recipe, as I’m based in the UK, but should be easy to adapt to other countries, however keep a note of your own humidity levels where you live as you may want to adjust the ingredients added to the dough accordingly.

An air fryer pizza made using pizza dough made in the bread maker served with rocket and balsamic dressing alongside a piece of slate and a pizza cutter

This dough makes two of the pizzas you can see in the photo above, which are ideal to serve one person, and you could even just make one huge stuffed crust one instead if you want.

Often I make two batches of this in the bread maker and have had no issues with it overflowing, although I do remove the dough from my machine quickly after it has finished.

No yeast flatbreads in a silver serving dish

Ingredients for pizza dough in the breadmaker – this makes a perfect pizza dough for making your own pizza base:

This is modelled on the Panasonic pizza dough recipe: 

1/2 teaspoon dried action yeast

300g strong white bread flour (2.5 cups bread flour approx)

1 tablespoon olive oil (15ml)

1 teaspoon salt (6g approx)

170ml water

roasted tomato pizza sauce in a glass jar with red tomatoes to the side and a patterned lid

Method for pizza dough in the breadmaker

If you have a Panasonic breadmaker then this is option 22. This dough cycle takes 45 minutes.

When using a Russell Hobbs bread maker, or similar branded bread maker, you’ll want to use a dough setting, or specifically a pizza setting if your machine has one. Lakeland, Morphy Richards, Sage, Tower and other bread makes typically have a dough setting. If you don’t have the manual anymore it is likely to be a setting with a time of around 45-60 minutes.

Alternatively you could make this by hand, without a bread maker. Mix by hand and make sure to knead the dough for around five minutes until you reach a smooth consistency where all of the ingredients have been combined.

If you can mould the dough into a ball, and it has a smooth rounded edge to it, then you’ve likely mixed it to the perfect consistency.

Soft white bread rolls on a cooling rack with text overlay that says Soft, floury white bread rolls

Once the dough has been mixed you want to make it into a ball, or two balls for thinner pizzas. Use the heel of your hand to make a circle in the dough on a lightly floured surface. Then you want to toss the pizza dough.

This takes a couple of minutes and is great fun. There are TONS of videos on Youtube, such as this one, that can help.

Once I have pizza dough prepared I like to leave it to prove. This takes around 30 minutes I find, in a warm part of my kitchen. Usually the top of the hob.

A pepperoni and cheese flatbread pizza on a wooden chopping board. Text overlay says: air fryer flatbread pizza

Delicious pizza toppings / what I top my pizzas with:

When it comes to dressing the pizza I typically use my homemade pasta sauce. I always have a load of this in the freezer and I love it! It’s so simple to freeze in an ice cube tray and then I transfer to a freezer safe box to allow me to take out what I need.

Usually I defrost pizza sauce in a bowl in the fridge but you could even defrost it in the microwave if you’re in a hurry.

Great pizza toppings we love are chorizo, pepperoni, cajun chicken, peri peri chicken, sausage, Quorn mince, leftover slow cooker bolognese, chicken and peppers, sun dried tomatoes, spinach, basil, garlic or even a white sauce pizza.

Obviously you can use anything you want to top a pizza and we’ve used everything from leftover air fryer mac and cheese to sandwich filler like chicken and bacon with peri peri mayo.

Two air fryer pizza bagels, decorated with cheese and mini pepperoni pieces, on a wooden chopping board.

How to make a cheese stuffed crust pizza:

Roll out your pizza as you usually would, on a well floured surface, making one pizza from this pizza dough mix. Then either use blocks of cheese, or cheesestrings, in the edge, and then fold the dough over. Personally I find cheese strings really easy to use but you could also use grated mozzarella or even a three or four cheese blend of mozzarella, edam, Monterey Jack and mature cheddar.

You can stuff the crust with anything you want really, and stretch the edge over. Then leave to prove for 20 minutes. We’ve made a sauce stuffed crust in the past that was delicious and ensured even our fussiest eater at their crust too.

What I love about making this pizza dough is that it is so convenient. It is cheap, takes just a minute or two to prepare and almost all of the work is already done for me so it is gentle on my achy hands at the end of a long day.

This pizza dough has no dairy in so is ideal for making for family members with a lactose intolerance or dairy allergy. I often use this dough to make mini pizzas for my 3 year old and she absolutely loves it. I’m yet to find a dairy free cheese that is particularly nice though sadly.

Air fryer pizza rolls, 7 cooked pizza rolls that are golden brown, served on parchment paper with a side dish of roasted tomato pizza sauce

What to serve with pizza?

Your options are limitless really with pizza but for us it depends how I am cooking the pizza.

If I’m making pizza in my Ooni pizza oven then I will serve with garlic and herb dipping sauce, garlic bread or garlic dough balls and a nice big salad. I’ll often have a coleslaw on the side, and sometimes potato salad too.

When I am cooking this pizza in the air fryer or oven on a sheet pan or pizza pan I love to serve it with air fryer chips and a selection of air fryer vegetables including air fryer corn on the cob. I always make sure to preheat oven before I use it.

Ninja foodi roast potatoes, air fryer pizza with salad and garlic and herb dip, cajun chicken pasta in two red pots and vegan coleslaw with text overlay that says mealtime inspiration

How long does it take to make dough in a bread maker?

Personally I find it takes around 60 minutes from start to finish, 90 minutes if I want to leave my dough to prove for 30 minutes.

45 minutes of this time is when the bread maker is preparing the pizza dough and it is being kneaded.

The prep time is going to vary slightly depending on the settings on your own bread maker and your desired consistency of pizza dough. I like mine to be very well kneaded and then I like to roll it out nice and thin.

More modern bread makers than mine sometimes have different settings to help you tweak the dough to your perfect consistency. I’ve had my bread maker for over 10 years, and it is still going strong.

Why is bread machine flour the best for making pizza crust?

Bread flour typically has a fine milled texture to it and this means you’ve got nice even results through the dough with no inconsistencies. This makes it perfect for producing very similar results every time you make pizza.

The protein within bread-flour (a higher protein flour) helps it to have great dough structure and rise well during baking too.

A black mini skillet with an air fryer dessert pizza. The pizza is topped with chocolate spread, 8 slices of strawberry and a sprig of mint

Can pizza dough be used as bread dough?

In theory you could BUT if you have some leftover dough I’d recommend turning it into mini pizza rolls or dough balls rather than baking a loaf of bread with it.

The basic ingredients are the same but the quantities and ratios differ and you’ll find that pizza dough is typically chewier and denser than regular bread dough which is typically light and airy.

Can you use 00 pizza flour in bread machine?

00 pizza flour is very finely milled and works great for dough, particularly if you want to make a thin crust pizza with thin crust pizza dough. Making Italian style pizza dough is something that I love and it feels more authentic when cooking in the pizza oven.

Personally I find that 00 flour will absorb less liquid so you’re going to want to drop the water quantity and then keep a closer eye on the dough when it’s being worked in the machine to make sure it is binding together well and is not too moist.

Air fryer tortilla pizza on baking paper

Can you leave pizza dough in the bread maker?

The longest I would recommend leaving the dough would be around 30-45 minutes as it will begin to overproof otherwise which will make the dough more dense and almost gummy in texture.

I recommend you remove this, prove it, shape it on a well floured and bake with it as soon as possible after making it.

Alternatively you can refrigerate this dough for up to 24 hours to help slow the fermentation process and even add a little more depth to the flavour.

Remove the dough from the fridge and let it come back to room temperature for around 30 minutes before you use it and allow a little bit of time to prove again before baking with it, 20-30 minutes should be sufficient if you’re in the UK.

Can I use pizza dough yeast in place of regular yeast in my bread machine?

If you’ve got some pizza dough yeast and want to use this for baking bread it will often have flavour enhancers or dough conditioners that will mean you’ll need to adjust the timing or ingredients ratio slightly to allow for this.

If it’s all you’ve got to hand then pizza dough yeast is better than trying to make bread without yeast, but I personally just keep dry action yeast on hand for when I want to bake and then add it back to my shopping list as soon as I open it.

Air fryer cookies and a glass of milk

Products I use when making homemade bread machine pizza:

My favourite bread machine accessories:

How to make my pizza dough in the bread maker:

An air fryer pizza made using pizza dough made in the bread maker served with rocket and balsamic dressing alongside a piece of slate and a pizza cutter
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pizza dough in the breadmaker

How to make pizza dough in the breadmaker.

Course Main Course
Cuisine Italian
Keyword breadmaker, dough, pizza
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Proving 30 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Servings 2 pizzas
Calories 588 kcal
Author Katykicker


  • 1/2 tsp yeast
  • 300 g strong white flour
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 170 ml water


Preparing the dough

  1. In your Panasonic breadmaker this is option 22. It takes 45 minutes and then the dough is ready for you to use.

  2. If you’re mixing by hand then combine all of your ingredients in a bowl. Work the dough for several minutes. 

  3. Make your dough into a ball, or two balls, using the heel of your hand to work it into a circle. 

  4. Roll the dough out into your shapes (circle or square are both fairly easy!) and then leave to prove for 30 minutes.

Cooking the dough

  1. The size of the pizzas you make will determine how long this dough takes to cook.

    I find that if you’re making two thin pizzas they take around 12 minutes at Gas Mark 6 (200C). A larger stuffed crust takes around 18-20 minutes.

Nutrition Facts
pizza dough in the breadmaker
Amount Per Serving
Calories 588
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

Note: All calorie information is for demonstration purposes only and is based on the specific uncooked ingredients that I used when creating the recipe.

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Pizza dough made in the Panasonic bread maker turned into an air fryer pizza served with rocket and balsamic vinegar dressing
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Wednesday 22nd of February 2017

What I do when I want a thin crust (I have achieved it before) is half the dough, then I do the 'throw in the air' method of stretching the dough and I don't leave to rise again. This gives a nice thin and crispy base. Thanks for stopping by!


Wednesday 22nd of February 2017

You're welcome! Hope it helps! I watched some youtube videos but basically make a small ball of dough then make it a circle, then slowly press the edges out to make a little crust then begin tossing it! It may get a few tiny holes but just fold the dough over to fix those.


Tuesday 21st of February 2017

I love pizza, I'll turn into one I'm sure!!

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