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Review: PJ Masks HQ Rocket (AD – Gifted)

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We were gifted these items in exchange for coverage. PJ Masks… Sometimes it feels like the PJ Masks theme song is the only piece of music that Alexa is allowed to play in our home. Ever since we bought Daisy a *Gekko PJ Mask to wear, £12 from Centerparcs, she has been a huge fan. Typically talking about or seeing PJ Masks on the TV leads to shouts of “Alexa, play PJ Masks!”, and not from me. Daisy loves being able to practice her dance moves and play with her PJ Masks toys too. Now we’ve got some new toys to add to the collection, with the addition of a *PJ Masks HQ Rocket and the set of *PJ Masks Moon Rovers.

PJ Masks HQ Rocket

First up we received the three moon rover sets. You can buy these from Argos. For the price you receive a 7.5cm PJ masks figure; Gekko, Catboy or Owlette, a moon rover vehicle and a Super Moon themed accessory. It’s time to be a hero – and your little one will love these sets. Each of the figures can sit on the moon rover, and hold on to the front where there are two handles. The hands are designed to grip these, so the character stays in place.

PJ Masks Moon Rovers

I actually love these sets! Daisy has really enjoyed that each of the characters sits on the moon rover, and doesn’t fall off every couple of seconds. Also, the accessories are quite fun, strong and sturdy. Also, the accessories match in colour, making it simple to see who is meant to use which accessory. As Daisy loves colours at the moment she really enjoys this feature of it.

PJ Masks Moon Rovers


*Moon Rovers

Fancy trying out a fab moon craft activity to go along with your PJ Masks Moon Rovers?

PJ Masks Moon Rover toys

Next up we have the PJ Masks HQ Rocket. You can buy this from Argos. The PJ Masks Super Moon Adventure HQ Rocket is a special design that has been inspired by the show. It comes with working lights and sounds, to aid play time.

There is a button on the top, to play sounds and make the lights work. Also, there is a handy ramp at the back off the rocket, from which you can launch Gekko and his space rover, that comes included with the HQ Rocket. The legs can be folded underneath the rocket, and the ramp opens and closes, to allow the rocketship to be flown around without anyone falling out.

A look at the PJ Masks HQ Rocket -

The button is simple for small hands to press and I was pleasantly surprised at the volume on this toy. The sounds aren’t too annoying, or obnoxious, and Daisy loves that this plays the PJ Masks theme tune. She can happily press this 50+ times while playing, without getting bored of the rocket type sounds, or hearing the theme tune over and over.

A look at the PJ Masks HQ Rocket

These wings can be moved, to help the rocketship fly better, and they are quite sturdy. We haven’t managed to snap them off yet, despite lots of rough play.

The wings of the PJ Masks HQ Rocket

There is a cockpit, with seats. The seats have a cutout area to fit each of the PJ Masks characters, there is even space for the tail. This does seem to be quite a dificult fit for Owlette and Catboy though, which is a little frustrating for Daisy.

Let Gekko do the flying..!

Gecko In the Cockpit

You can see that the back two seats are quite close to the back of the cockpit area, which is partly why it is hard to fit the characters in place. Daisy is quite happy to let Gekko do most of the flying though, so that’s not the end of the world. I’m sure older children would struggle much less, as Daisy is 3.

Inside the PJ Masks HQ Rocket

The legs are quite simple to knock off accidentally, which is a little frustrating. I’ve had to become quite strong to fit these back into place, as they are a little fiddly. Daisy loves a bit of rough play though and is always bouncing her toys off the coffee table and onto the floor.

PJ Masks HQ Rocket legs

Overall Daisy is loving these toys, as she is a big PJ Masks fan. I think the rocket is quite well designed. I love that it has lights and sounds, but isn’t too loud. The ramp is a fun feature and has given Daisy hours of fun already.

It is a little frustrating that the moon rover characters seem to have trouble fitting into the cockpit properly though, but there is plenty of room for the lid to shut once they are inside, which is a huge plus point.

Daisy has been having hours of fun, while suffering from chickenpox, flying this rocketship around our living room. The moon rovers are great fun, and I love that the characters stay in place well; even when driving around on rough terrain.

PJ Masks HQ Rocket


*Adventure HQ Rocket

How about checking out the PJ Masks Super moon Range:

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Jayne @ Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs

Thursday 4th of April 2019

Love the HQ rocket! My youngest would really like this. Also, a huge bonus when the sounds aren't too loud. ? Thanks so much for sharing our craft. x


Monday 8th of April 2019

It really is! Someone else said to me that theirs was quite loud, so maybe we've just got lucky?!

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