Playing pretend with the Casdon Little Helpers toys range (AD – Gifted)

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We were gifted these items in exchange for coverage. Roleplay is an important part of childhood. It teaches our children about jobs that are a part of everyday life, such as cooking and cleaning, and it also allows them to have fun practicing things that they can see Mum and Dad doing around the home. For me, it is important that my daughter learns that housework, and chores, are shared by men and women. We are a modern household, with an unusual work dynamic, and as such as both have times where we do all of the chores, and times where we do none of them. Daisy has been playing with a range of Casdon products and loves them, and now we’ve got some new toys from the Little Helpers toys range to show you.

Casdon Little Henry Mop & Bucket

Casdon Little Helpers Henry Mop & Bucket

First up is the Casdon Little Helpers Henry Mop & Bucket. This is a great toy for exploring imagination and helping with learning about cleanliness. Daisy absolutely loves cleaning, and regularly tries to join me during the real thing. Henry is bright, bold and sturdy too. I personally use a steam mop but it didn’t stop Daisy from knowing how to use this right away, I think because Grandma has one. 

Henry Mop & Bucket

I love the detailing on this. The mop head looks like a real one, with fabric on it, and there is a sticker inside the mop bucket to make Henry look like his usual self. I love that there is a lid & wringer, just like a real mop & bucket. The attention to detail on this is fantastic – especially as the price is so cheap! A complete bargain. This is great fun and a lovely little touch. Also, you can buy a *Hetty Mop & Bucket too if you want! You can *buy the Casdon Little Helpers Little Henry Mop & Bucket from Amazon.

Casdon Shopping Trolley

Daisy already has a Casdon Supermarket and now she’s got a Casdon Little Shopper Shopping Trolley to go with it! This comes flat packed, in a small box, and is surprisingly quick to put together. The trolley has teal colours to it, and Daisy loves blues and greens, so she’s a fan! Included are BRANDED groceries, which is super cool. They were a bit fiddly to put together, as was the trolley, but it only took around 10 minutes to get the whole set ready, because I’m a perfectionist. 

Casdon Little Helpers Shopping Trolley

This is a great way for Daisy to play with toys and learn about new foods too. The trolley is great fun, and she is loving pushing it around, and helping people with groceries. Daisy absolutely loves the trolley and from the moment she saw it she was saying ‘SHOPPING!’ the moment she came into the room. You can *buy the Casdon Little Helpers Little Shopper Trolley from Amazon.

Casdon Little Helpers Play Food Set

Now that Daisy has a shopping trolley, supermarket and more, no supermarket setup would be complete without play food too. 44 pieces of it! Daisy eats a LOT of fruits and vegetables and loves them, so this play food set is perfect for her.

Casdon Play Food Set

I love that there are lots of healthy foods included in this set and there are little tins too. This goes perfectly with the branded groceries from the shopping trolley set. This set is a fantastic way to bulk out a supermarket set, without spending a fortune.

There is a pretty big range of Little Helpers toys available on the Casdon website. Toys available include a washing machine, ironing board, Mr Kipling Afternoon tea set and many more. I love these toys as they allow children to get involved and learn more about the everyday jobs.

I love the Casdon Little Helpers range of toys. They are sturdy, well made and the attention to detail is fantastic. Each of the items featured here are suitable for children aged 3-8, but I supervise Daisy when she is playing toys anyway, and there are no really small parts with any of these items.

Being able to roleplay with Daisy is great fun. Also, when I want to occupy her for a little while, perhaps while doing a job at home, or speaking to a client on the phone, I ask Daisy to mop the floor or do some shopping for Mummy. It is a great way to distract her for a few minutes while teaching her about some of the necessary jobs of life.

We love Casdon toys! If you’re interested in some other toys be sure to check out my review of the Casdon Kettle & Toaster Casdon Kettle & Toaster, Casdon Dyson Ball and Casdon Self Service Supermarket.

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(AD) Playing with toys from the Casdon Little Helpers range. Casdon shopping trolley, Casdon play food and the Casdon Henry mop & bucket. #toys #roleplay #fun #children

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