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Playtime with the Tonka Power Movers (AD)

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AD. Daisy has such a love for figurines, toys and small world activities. She is really interested in vehicles and sounds while we are in the street. Diggers, motorbikes and planes, in particular, get a lot of questions from her. As they often make lots of noise, which Daisy gets a little scared by, I try and explain to her what they are doing, and why they make noise. This seems to pacify her and she absolutely loves playing with vehicles at home. We’ve been gifted a toy from the new Tonka Power Movers range, and I must admit I’ve been loving it myself too!

Tonka Power Movers

Daisy has the dump truck from the Power Movers range and has been loving it. There is a little button that you press, which makes the sound of an engine starting. Then Daisy’s movement is what really helps to bring the dump truck to life. When you push it forward it makes a driving noise and the lights are activated. When you pull it back it plays a beeping reversing sound. This is so much fun, and really helps bring the enjoyment of this toy to life!

Tonka Power Movers truck in action

There is a little arm that you can move, to dump the contents of the truck out. This is great fun for playing in the dirt in your garden, with kinetic sand, or just about anything else your little one can imagine. If you’ve got a tuff tray then you could use cooked spaghetti, water beads and all sorts! The possibilities really are endless.

Tonka Power Movers dump truck

Playtime with the Power Movers range is so much fun. No longer do I have to make the noises myself when we are driving vehicles around! Daisy has been loving adding her favourite figurines into the back of her dump truck and then tipping them out. Again and again. She’s getting so much enjoyment from this vehicle and we are going to take it over to Grandma’s house this weekend! It’s no wonder this range was recently awarded gold in the 2018 Practical pre-school awards. It’s perfect for pre-schoolers, as it can withstand some rough and tumble.

Fancy trying out the Tonka Power Movers range for your little one?Head on over to Amazon now:

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*Cement Mixer / *Dump Truck / *Front Loader / *Bulldozer

There are 4 vehicles to collect; a front loader, bulldozer, cement mixer and dump truck! You can see more from Tonka on Amazon.

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