PopulusLive Surveys

PopulusLive surveys have a minimum value of £1. Each 1 point equals £1 and 50 points (£50) are required to reach the cash out threshold.

With PopulusLive the cash out redemptions are processed automatically, on the 1st of each month. This means that if you have reached the required 50 points in May your cheque, for £50, will be sent in June, usually around the 10th-15th of the month.

I personally cash out £50 3-4 times a year, so slightly more than with NewVistaLive, although I’m not quite sure why as they appear to run in almost the same way.

The surveys are incredibly straight forward. Typically I have to answer some questions, such as age, sex and employment status as well as answering some quality control questions. These consist of asking you about an item that you own or use, and then there is another question towards the end of the survey that will basically check that you have provided genuine answers, as long as you tell the truth in your surveys you won’t have any problems with these. It appears, from looking at the FAQ section of the website, that there are also quality control measures in place with regards to how long it takes you to complete a survey, but I’ve never had a problem with either of these measures.

The value of each survey is dependent on the time that it is expected it will take you to complete it. Each 5 minute is worth around £1 and I must say that they are very accurate with their costings. Usually a £1 survey will take me just a few minutes, but I often take my time, just to ensure that I don’t miss any quality control questions. I have had surveys worth £4 or more in the past, that have taken much less than 20 minutes.

The cheques arrive within 2 weeks, sometimes slightly less, and I’ve never had a cheque not arrive, turn up unsigned or fail to clear. This is another ‘slow burner’ for me but it is a favourite one of mine and if I have a full inbox and I spot any PopulusLive surveys I will always check them out first. I like the layout of their surveys, the topics and I don’t even mind answering the same demographic questions each survey with them, as I know the survey won’t be a long or dull one.