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Prepare for Winter with Boost and the Winter Wallet (AD)

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AD. The weather has been all over the place for the last few weeks hasn’t it?! We’ve been home a lot, between chicken pox and other illnesses, and I’ve been surprised by just how warm it has been in my home some days. We’re lucky to live in an energy efficient flat, at the moment, which means our home is pretty warm all year round.

Despite this, and as I love a bit of financial planning, I am already thinking about saving money for our Winter energy bills. I’m someone who thinks if you’re cold then you should pop the heating on, especially if you have elderly relatives or little children at home like we do.

I feel really grateful to be able to just switch the heating on anytime. Today I want to help you be able to do the same this coming Winter! Prepare for Winter with Boost and the Winter Wallet!

Prepare for winter with Boost Energy and the Winter Wallet

Who are Boost?

Boost are the providers of smart PAYG energy. They can help you connect your meter to your smartphone so you can top up your energy account with a simple tap on their app! They have a friendly Bristol based team who are on hand to answer any questions and even help develop new tech to change the PAYG energy market for the better.

What is PAYG energy?

If you’re someone who likes to pay for their energy as they use it then you’ll already know about Pay As You Go (PAYG) energy. Instead of receiving a bill after you’ve used the energy you are able to place credit on to your account, for gas & electricity usage, and you will only pay for the energy that you use.

These energy costs are deducted from the credit on your account and with Boost you can receive a notification when your account falls below your chosen threshold. You can also choose to set up a fixed amount per month, with their rolling top-up option. If flexibility is what you need then you have it with Boost. Find out more about Boost and download the app.

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My past experience of PAYG energy wasn’t a great one. When I was a child PAYG energy was available but it required trips to the shop to top up the account. We needed either a key, or a card, and as a child, I would regularly be sent to the shops to place the top up. Half the time I would arrive at the shop to find that I have forgotten the key, and I’d have to trek home again.

I’m sure lots of people have memories of the electricity cutting out midway through drying their hair, or the gas turning off when cooking dinner – I know this happened a lot in our home when I was growing up! Now, thanks to Boost, this type of problem is a thing of the past.

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Boost actually allow their customers to top up via their app. It is super simple to download, log in and set up your account. Boost are on hand to help with this, and their friendly team make the whole process simple. By having a smart meter you’ll be able to see your energy use at a glance and top up from your phone on the move.

Now I want to talk to you about one of the fantastic pieces of tech that Boost can offer their customers; the Winter Wallet.

What is the Winter Wallet?

During Spring and Summer, you can work towards spreading the cost of your Winter energy requirements, thanks to Boost’s Winter Wallet. The Winter Wallet is now open for the year ahead and customers can start their savings target. All you need to do is visit the app, select your own Winter target and the app will help you work to reach this target by the 1st of November 2019.

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During the warmer months of the year, when energy usage is typically lower, your Boost app will be helping you save a little each day. A small contribution will be taken from your energy credit, daily, and this will be placed into your Winter Wallet. The Winter Wallet is flexible, so you can increase or decrease your target at any time. You can even place a pause on your savings if your household finances are feeling the pinch.

This year, just to make the Winter Wallet even more exciting, Boost are going to be offering customers thousands of monthly prizes, in the form of energy credits. Each month one lucky customer will receive an entire year’s worth of energy credit placed into their account. The first draw will take place on the 1st of May 2019 so you’ve still got time to get yourself signed up and entered in the first draw. Find out more about Boost and download the app.

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