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Review: Present Pets Unboxing – A puppy that unboxes itself! (AD – Gifted)

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Looking for the must have toy of 2020? I think I’ve found it in the form of Present Pets! If you had children when Hatchimals were first around you may already know the joy that children get from toys that have a special unboxing element to them. Present Pets is a brand new toy, from Spinmaster, the same people who made the fun, huge Christmas hit, Hatchimals!

There are four pets to choose from; Casey and Cocoa in 1 box or Kweenie and Princess in another box. We had the Casey and Cocoa box, and received Cocoa, as you’ll see below in our video.

The Presents Pet box before the unboxing has begun sitting on a white desk

Present Pets Unboxing – How to unbox Present Pets

It is really simple to start the unboxing process for the pet. You remove the outer cardboard box packaging by pulling a tab and removing a perforated strip.

Removing this outer layer reveals the inner box, with a gift tag that says pull, and the instructions too which are in a little envelope. Have a look at the instructions and then pull on the gift tag.


Within around 30-45 seconds the present pet will have smashed it’s way, literally, through the box. My daughter Daisy found this absolutely hilarious! It was pretty impressive to watch actually and I’ve seen a LOT of toys in my 4.5 years as a parent!

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While it was unboxing I was initially worried that we had done something wrong, and should have been helping the pet, probably because we didn’t bother to read the instructions first, which caused a little bit of chaos (see the video to see what I mean!). However within a few seconds it was clear what was happening and the puppy (Cocoa!) was starting to unbox herself.

The unboxing really is a thing of great work to be honest! One of the best parts for sure. There are little paw sized panels which break away and then the sides of the box get ripped open too. The box then splits in half and there is the puppy inside!

Daisy holding Cocoa the Present Pet wearing pyjamas sitting on a white desk in my office

The puppy sits on a plastic tray, which was a little fiddly, and had little bones under the front feet that you twisted to help remove it from the box. I also undid the ‘screws’ underneath.

I noticed that a lot of the packaging was cardboard, which is fantastic. There was a plastic tray which the puppy sat in, and a few other little plastic components but it definitely felt like they had thought about the recyclable nature of the packaging which was great! A thumbs up for that from us, especially my husband who gathered up all the packaging we’d thrown on the floor!


Present Pets Unboxing video

What is inside the Present Pets box? Does Present Pets come with any accessories?

Inside the box you get one of 4 puppies, we received Cocoa, and that is it. The puppy wears a removable collar but there were no other accessories.

Daisy was a little perplexed by this and actually asked me where the accessories were, probably because similar toys will come with something to feed or take care of the puppy with.

Daisy cuddling her Present Pet cocoa sitting on a desk wearing pyjamas

As a parent I actually feel that the lack of accessories is something of a blessing. There are no fiddly little pieces to get lost and I’m grateful for that! I’ve spent far too many hours looking for tiny carrots for a pony or bottles to stop a baby from constantly crying and honestly I’m looking forward to a break from that with this toy!

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Peppa Pig Shopping Centre

Present Pets modes – How to use the different modes (instructions)

Cuddle mode

Press the back of the head.

Excited mode

Press the front of the tummy.

Instant trick

Press the back of the puppy and then the back of the head.

Bark back

Press the back of the puppy.


Hold the same button on the back of the puppy as you use for bark mode. Hold it down until you hear a jingle. The puppy will bark, which you need to copy. Once you’ve copied this a sound will play to indicate if you made the correct sound or not. Then another sound will play and the game continues on.

Daisy smiling at the camera while playing with toys in her playpen

How to turn off Present Pets

There is an off switch on the back blue glittery paw. What a joy it is for a toy to have an off switch!

Daisy cuddling her Present Pet cocoa sitting on a desk wearing pyjamas

My thoughts on Present Pets

I think the unboxing is SO fun! Daisy really enjoying seeing the puppy making it’s way out of the box and it was definitely different to any other toy I’ve seen before! It was so much fun to see Daisy’s reaction, and I’m really glad I decided to make a video now!

The modes are quite interesting, but I have found the instant trick mode in particular to be quite hard to use. I’m not sure why but I’m really struggling with the sensor type thing on the back of the puppy’s head. Daisy doesn’t seem to be struggling with this, at all, though, which is the main thing of course!

I have personally found some of the noises to be a little repetitive and grating, although there are more than 100 sounds and actions, and I think we just tried out the same few modes over and over at the beginning, so they felt a little bit repetitive. Daisy has not had the same complaint and is happy to leave the puppy playing for hours. I’m grateful for the off switch for this reason!

The puppy itself is actually really lovely. Soft, delicate plush material and I love the details including the emotive looking eyes and the fact that my daughter was so so happy to play with it too, and has loved it since (so far!).

Buy your own for a Present Pets Unboxing:

You can find Present Pets from a variety of stockists including *Amazon and Smyths Toys.

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Saturday 3rd of October 2020

This is ridiculously cute! I know what ill be getting my daughter for Xmas now:)


Tuesday 6th of October 2020

Daisy absolutely loves it and has been playing with it every single day!

Emma Chanagasubbay

Thursday 1st of October 2020

This looks great! My boys would absolutely love it x


Friday 2nd of October 2020

IT was SO much fun to watch it open itself!

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