How to prevent the invisible threats to your home (AD)

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AD. Sometimes the biggest dangers to your health within your own home are things that cannot be seen by the naked eye. We like to think of our homes as a haven and most of us do all we can to make sure it is a safe environment by doing things like routinely checking the smoke alarm or dead-bolting the front door, so it would make sense to protect your home against some of the more dangerous hazards that we won’t be able to sense.

Here are some of the more dangerous possible health risks in your home and what you can do in order to prevent them.

How to prevent the invisible threats to your home


Carpeted flooring is a veritable haven for lots of biological hazards, such as dust mites and dirt, because they are easily absorbed and difficult to spot. We would recommend hardwood floors, but obviously not everyone is going to be a fan of them, so making sure that you use the hoover on your carpeting regularly can help to keep on top of the spread of germs. Use environmentally friendly cleaning products when performing a deep clean on your carpets too, as this will reduce the saturation of chemicals within their fibres.


Mould tends to affect rooms that are generally wetter, such as your bathroom or basement, and can pose serious problems to your health in the way of allergies and asthma in some cases. A preventative measure here would be to try and eliminate the moisture in the air by using tools such as a dehumidifier or an extractor fan. Your drains can also leak water into your home if damaged, so be sure to check them regularly.

Woodworm & Fungus

Both problems can cause structural damage to your home if they go unchecked. A tell-tale sign of woodworm is finding holes within the wood in your home. When the wood within your foundations has an infestation, you will need to act soon in order to stop the rot. Luckily, you can treat this problem yourself by applying woodworm and fungus killer free to the affected areas and prevent further infestations.


If your home was built prior to 1990, then there is a chance the walls in your house could be coated with lead-based paint. This substance is toxic and can be extremely dangerous to children who unwittingly ingest it – over time the paint will chip, particles will become airborne and will land on your child’s hands, which will inevitably end up in their mouths. This is a serious matter for the protection of your child lead poisoning can pose a significant threat to their brain development. Some hardware stores offer a home testing kit for lead paint, if there is traces then you will need to remove all of this from your home – it is far too dangerous a task to undertake yourself.

Carbon Monoxide

This is a naturally occurring, odourless gas that is emitted when you burn fossil fuels without the proper ventilation. Carbon monoxide is a silent killer in your home and it is imperative that you are protected from it. Make sure your home is equipped with working carbon monoxide detectors on each floor and should be checked on a regular basis – the risk is too great for you not to.

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