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Profitable investment: Phuket areas for moving to permanent residence (AD)

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Phuket is an exotic island in Thailand. There are settlements with developed infrastructure for long-term residence. Agriculture is developed here. You can buy a house for investment in Phuket safely and profitably in any island area.

The island is divided into three districts: Rawai, Chalong, Kathu, and Phuket Town. You can buy a home for investment, permanent residence, or rent out. There are schools, gardens, and hospitals. Thai medicine is at a high level. Therefore, many people from different countries come here every year.

It has everything to lead a calm, moderate life and do business. There are elite complexes. Very beautiful beaches are located in the western part of the island. As well as a favorable climate and a friendly visa policy.

What do you need to know about buying property in Thailand?

The acquisition of housing in Phuket is profitable. Developers are promoting a guaranteed real estate income program. Therefore, investment transactions are growing every year.

When buying an object, a contract is concluded. You will need a copy of the buyer’s passport, postal address, and phone number.

Due to its beauty and improved infrastructure, many tourists are interested in purchasing island property.

Before renting a house, real estate prices are minimal — sales at the beginning of construction and filing documents for obtaining permits. An early deal allows you to get a low-cost and interest-free installment payment until the end of construction.

Does the right to own property make it possible to live in Thailand?

Ownership of property does not confer the right to citizenship. The country has a program that allows you to get a visa for 2-20 years, with an investment of at least $16,000. Developers of elite residential complexes offer registration under this program on account of the purchase of housing.

There are two forms of ownership available in Thailand. Freehold — complete disposal of an apartment or house, and leasehold — long-term real estate rental. Often, foreigners choose the first, and then leasehold.

Property rights are registered with the land department. After the owner is issued all the necessary documents for ownership. Safe and transparent transactions are guaranteed.

Life and leisure

Phuket is beautiful. A tropical paradise with countless islands and beaches attracts people from different countries. There is a stable economy. Due to this, the cost of living is relatively low compared to other countries.

Entertainment is varied. It is mostly shopping, visiting cinemas, sports clubs, and meetings in bars. There are supermarkets, clinics, night markets, and gas stations. There are tennis courts, fitness centers, and golf courses for sports lovers.

Benefits of Buying a House in Phuket

– Comfortable and affordable stay. Buying a house in Phuket means securing the best place for your vacation. You do not have to book hotel rooms and pay for them.

– Reliable financial investment. Thai real estate is becoming more expensive, and prices will continue to rise. The cost of apartments in Phuket will increase in the coming years due to the construction of new terminals at the airport and the constant development of infrastructure.

– The best ratio of price and quality. New complexes are being built following strict modern standards. Their quality is respected all over the world. Therefore, Thai housing is more comfortable and reliable than European housing for the same price.

– Passive income. You can buy a house in Phuket and rent it out most of the year. Due to the mild climate, even the rainy season attracts many tourists to this beautiful island. A house with a developed infrastructure near the sea will always be in demand.

Choice of housing

You can buy a house in one of these districts. Purchasing real estate is not an easy task. To save time, find a trusted developer who will help with introductory information, which can be read on the official website: Here you can choose the appropriate options and get acquainted with the housing prices.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.