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Prolific Academic referral scheme

Affiliate links in this post will be clearly marked with a * and if you click one of these links I will earn a discount or receive payment.

So the latest news today… the Prolific Academic referral scheme is here!

The scheme is very simple to understand. For every Prolific Academic referral that you gain you will be able to receive a 10% bonus when they cashout for the first time.

You can obtain your referral link by signing in. Click on Account then referrals. You will then be presented with your Prolific Academic referral link. There is also an option to share on Facebook, Twitter and via email. It is well laid out and very straight forward. It is easy to invite your friends to join Prolific Academic and now you’ll earn a nice bonus in the process.

Prolific Academic are a fantastic survey company. Surveys pay at least a minimum of £5 per hour, although the surveys themselves are usually shorter. I have personally made over £100 already. The minimum cashout level is just £5. However, you can avoid Paypal fees by waiting until you hit £20 to cashout. This is a small but significant saving that has already added up to a couple of extra pounds for me.

The staff at Prolific Academic are helpful and the authors of the studies are too. I have only had to complain about a couple of surveys, mostly due to errors on my part, and I’ve received payment. The studies are intelligent and are mostly for Academic students working on essays and dissertations. I feel that I am really contributing something when I take part in one of these studies. Best of all the rates of pay are very reasonable. Some of the studies have even been fun for me – which is a refreshing change.

If you are not already a member of Prolific Academic then you can read more about them here. You can also use my Prolific Academic referral link *here if you just want to jump in! This will earn me a 10% bonus on your first cashout and is much appreciated.

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