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Prolific Academic

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Prolific Academic is a survey company that I love – it is one of my top 5! Each of the surveys on Prolific Academic pay a rate that is equal to at least £5 per hour. This is pretty high for survey companies. Most of the surveys are short and still highly paid. The highest one I’ve had was actually worth £20 and took me around 45 minutes. It involved playing a game and was great fun!

Make money with Prolific Academic

Prolific Academic are a crowdsourcing platform that allows academics, with a valid university email address, to post research. In turn, subject to meeting eligibility requirements, you can complete these survey. The academics have someone to provide research results and you can make some nice money too.

My further education ended before university. Despite this I receive a steady stream of surveys from Prolific Academic throughout the week. On occasion they are loaded up during the early hours of the morning also, which is great for us night owls.

Registration is quick and the initial questions to sign up are short and concise. Registration is free, as with all survey sites I have wrote about thus far.

To check for surveys I just log in when I have time. Throughout the weekdays, Monday – Friday, during term time there are usually a couple of surveys each day. Sometimes I see 3 or 4 in one go and make a nice amount of money.

Prolific Academic surveys tend to be interesting, on topics that I am knowledgeable about, and the questions testing you are paying attention are quite obvious too. I know accuracy checking questions aren’t to everyone’s taste but I find they keep me paying attention, so at least they serve their purpose.

The important part… the money from Prolific Academic!

So far I have earned around £1000 with Prolific Academic and payout is quick via Paypal. The minimum payment threshold is £5. There are currently the usual Paypal fees for receiving this. If you wait until you reach £20 you will avoid the fees. I always receive my payouts within 24 hours, so far at least.This makes Prolific Academic one of the fastest that I use. Personally I have found that the number of surveys available for me to participate in have already risen which is fantastic.

*Sign up now and get started on earning your first £20!

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Make money when you get paid to complete surveys from Prolific Academic. Earn more than £5 per hour.

Payments for surveys received this week.
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Thursday 23rd of July 2020

yes love this site katy thanks.


Sunday 2nd of August 2020

Thank you! x

Patricia O

Tuesday 10th of March 2020

Pardon me if I'm being obtuse and not at all prolifically academic but are you saying one does not have to have a university degree to take part in this scheme?


Wednesday 11th of March 2020

Hi Patricia, you're absolutely right! Anyone can join x


Tuesday 22nd of August 2017

I tried to join Prolific Academic per your affiliate link but the drop down box with countries only showed countries beginning with "A". I couldn't seem to get it to show any more than that. :(


Tuesday 22nd of August 2017

Sorry to hear that - have you contacted Prolific Academic to let them know? Or tried an alternative browser?

Nai Nai

Friday 9th of June 2017

Thanks for this. I signed up after reading this on May 29th and 12 days later have made £67.90. The tip about the notifier in Chrome helps loads.


Saturday 10th of June 2017

Thanks so much for sharer - I'm so happy you're doing so well. Great work!


Friday 28th of April 2017

That is great work Jan! Glad to hear it!