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Review: Izzy tries out Pure Pet Food (AD)

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AD. My cats Izzy (Isabelle) and Jazz (Jasmine) have been keeping me busy for years now. Every morning they wait by the hall door for me to wake up. If I’m late arising from my bed they will happily scratch at the door to let me know that they’re waiting for their breakfast and my allotted time to sleep has passed. Like most pet owners I want to try and feed them high quality food, but most importantly food that they are actually going to eat. There is nothing worse than trying a new brand of food and finding one of them turning their nose up to it. When Pure Pet Food recently got in touch I decided to have a look at what their offering was.

Pure Pet Food

Pure Pet Food offer 100% human grade food for cats and dogs. The food contains no grains, meat derivatives or other nasties, so you can be sure that the food is great quality for your cat or dog. You don’t require a freezer to store the food as it is gently preserved and has a 12 month shelf life, so you can stock up in bulk and won’t need to worry about freezer space.

Izzy - Pure Pet Food

What I love about Pure Pet Food is how you prepare it. You provide Pure Pet Food with a few details about your cat or dog, such as age, weight, any allergies and intolerances and they will recommend the perfect recipe for your pet. Izzy received one of the starter packs which contained two varieties of food and a box of treats too. You’ll receive a delivery of your food and then you just need to measure out the correct amount of food and add water to rehydrate the food. Then leave it for 2-3 minutes and it is ready to serve to your pet. Personally I didn’t find this inconvenient really as I just prepped it while making my morning coffee and when tidying up from dinner in the evening. If you want to you can mix this food in bulk and it’ll keep in the fridge for up to 48 hours.


Izzy is the fussiest of my two cats. She turns her nose up at various varieties of food and we have tried all sorts over the years. She has two main brands that she enjoys, and so I was a little nervous about trying her on the Pure Pet Food, however, I needn’t have worried as she has really enjoyed tucking in. Izzy hasn’t experience any obvious digestive issues and seems to be eating well still. As Izzy has heart problems, and is always low on the weight side, this was an important factor for me in trying this new food. We started off by mixing it with her current food and gradually incorporating it in, and this seemed to work really well for us.

Pure Pet Food Surf and Turf

My overall impressions of Pure Pet Food have been good so far. The delivery service was easy, and I love the handy calculator to help you work out how much food your cat or dog will require. This feels like a really easy way to give my cats better quality food without needing to use up valuable freezer space. As you are adding water to the food this allows it to expand in the bowl rather than in your pets stomach. This helps to prevent bloating and reduce the risk of dehydration too, which is ideal for Izzy during this warm weather we’ve been having.

Mixed Pure Pet Food

It’s a little hard to get a photo of Izzy enjoying her food but I’ve done my best!

Izzy enjoying Pure Pet Food

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