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Quick Swagbucks

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When it comes to earning money online I am someone who is always trying to minimise the time spent working to maximise the amount of money I can make in just a few hours. If I can make my daily target across my websites for just a few hours every day then I’m happy with that and it frees up my time for my family, hobbies and everything but work! Here are my tips for earning some Quick *Swagbucks.

Search wins – I earn at least 20 *Swagbucks per day, over 3 wins, by spreading out my searches. I search for 2 or 3 genuine search phrases/words and if nothing I try again a short while later. I then spread my searches out throughout the day. For example I will achieve a search win at 10am, 4pm and 10pm. I have found that I can win every 3-4 hours. It usually takes me just 30-60 seconds to achieve a search win and this is something that I tend to complete from my mobile, while pottering around my home. The lowest search win amount I have had is 6 Swagbucks and the highest is 50 Swagbucks.

Games – I like to play the game ‘Regate 21’ as this is a game that I genuinely enjoy. I have never had a problem with crediting and as such I complete 10 games to earn 10 *Swagbucks. This takes me around 3 minutes on average, sometimes up to 5 minutes.

Daily Poll – This can be found on the left hand side of the homepage and takes just seconds to complete. Answer a quick poll, which changes daily (the clue is in the name) and earn 1 Swagbuck.

NOSO – This can also be found on the left hand side of the homepage, under the Daily Poll, and you are just required to click through a few offers, which you are not required to actually complete or tick the boxes for, then enter a captcha and you’ve earned 2 Swagbucks.

Mobile apps – By running mobile applications, which play videos, it is possible to earn 18 Swagbucks, per application. These vary in the time they take, due to each application having videos of differing lengths, but I find that I can run the four applications in just a couple of hours and all I am required to do is start one and leave it to run, over wifi of course. By adding videos to the favourites section it is possible to set these to play and it will just repeat the same videos over and over again until the maximum Swagbucks have been achieved.  With an Android it is possible to use all four applications,,, and, to earn 72 Swagbucks per day.

On Swagbucks there are daily targets to achieve, with the 1st of 2 targets usually being between 70 and 105 Swagbucks. A bonus of around 10% can be earned for hitting these bonuses and if you make a continuous run of bonuses, 7, 14, 21 or the full amount of days in each calendar month you will earn further bonuses. I find that I receive around 700-900 *Swagbucks per month, sometimes more, just for hitting the daily bonuses every day. The bonuses are as follows:

7 Days in a row: 25 Swagbucks + Daily Bonuses

14 Days in a row: 100 Swagbucks + Daily Bonuses

21 Days in a row: 200 Swagbucks + Daily Bonuses

Full calendar month: 300 Swagbucks + Daily Bonuses

Just by completing the NOSO, Daily Poll, 3 x Search wins, 10 games and running the four applications I am able to earn around 105 Swagbucks a day, all with very minimal effort. With the addition of the daily bonuses this adds up to £25 every 30-35 days or so as a £25 Amazon voucher is 4199 Swagbucks.

While these are not the only way that I earn *Swagbucks these are the ones that I complete every day, in order to hit my daily bonus.  The time taken is very minimal, as is the effort, because most of the items I have listed are either super quick or look after themselves, such as the mobile applications.

If you’re looking to make some extra money online then be sure to check out my post of great ways to make and save money.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.