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Save money and energy while heating your home with Radbot (AD)

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AD. I’m a big fan of saving money. For me, a pound saved is the same as a pound earned. I like my home to be as energy efficient as possible, as energy bills are one of our biggest household expenses. Recently the people behind Radbot got in touch with me, to ask me if I wanted to give them a whirl and see if I could save my household some money in the process. I’m always looking to reduce my energy consumption. I recently moved over to Bulb energy and now, with the addition of four Radbots in my home, I’ve been able to shave £10+ off my monthly energy bills. Radbot is billed as being the ‘smart radiator thermostat‘ that helps keep humans warm for less.

A look at the Radbot

What is Radbot? How does it work?

Radbot is a smart radiator thermostat. It can be used with any heating system that has radiators. You simply swap out your old radiator thermostat for the Radbot and it will be ready for use. Inside the box, you receive 1 Radbot, 6 adaptors for radiator valves (to help fit any radiator type) and 2 AA batteries. These batteries should last around 2 years, with typical use. There is NO need for an app or to sync/connect the Radbot to wifi. You simply fit it and it gets to work helping you reduce energy consumption! Radbot will heat rooms when needed, and when they are in use, helping to reduce your carbon footprint and help reduce energy costs.

Radbot works by monitoring light to control heating in each room. It really is as simple as it sounds. Empty rooms don’t need to be heated and you can really save energy using Radbot. Fit it, set it to your required heat level and let it get to work. What’s more, the Radbot helps to protect your home from frost with the frost protection setting. This stops your heating dropping below 6C to minimise the risk of pipes freezing.

How to save money on heating costs

Was it simple to fit Radbot?

Yes! I fit Radbot myself in under 1 minute to each of our radiators. We have 3 different styles of radiators in our home, due to rust issues, and I was able to easily find a connector for each radiator type.

A look at our radiator before fitting the Radbot

To remove my old thermostat I just needed to press down, and untwist the thermostatic radiator valve (TRV), while my radiator was turned off. Then I chose the correct radiator valve adaptor and fitted this in place.

Fitting one of the Radbot adaptors

Then I fitted Radbot. The process was VERY simple and considerably easier than I imagined. As you can see my radiator is looking a little old now – thankfully I’m moving soon and can take the Radbots with me! 

The Radbot once fitted onto our radiator

You won’t need a plumber or other contractor to fit Radbot and even with limited home maintenance knowledge, as I have, it was an absolute doddle to fit in place.

What are the expected energy savings?

The savings vary, depending on what setting you have the Radbot on, and how frequently you use the boost button. As a guide, level 3 on the wheel equals 19C, approximately.

Basically, the lower the dial is set the more energy you’ll save. The energy savings are dependent on how frequently you use different rooms in your house. Also, if you’re someone, like me, who can sometimes forget to turn the heating off ‘auto’ before heading to bed for the night then this can make a great difference.

Do you need any other tech to use Radbot?

No! There are no apps to install. You don’t need to sync Radbot to your wifi. Radbot comes with a built-in ‘computer’, to help it understand when to heat your room. Radbot monitors and detects changes in light and is designed to make the whole process of heating your home, and individual rooms, efficient and simple. Radbot is the next step in creating a smart home, with minimal effort.

Can you override Radbot?

Yes, absolutely. There is a boost button on the top. You can press this and it will override any other settings and heat up for 30 minutes. If you’ve hit this by accident then just turn the dial to reset it.

What did I think of the Radbot?

So far I’ve been really pleased with it. The device itself was VERY simple to fit. I was really surprised just how easy it was. Before I unpackaged it I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to remove the old radiator thermostat but it was all very straight forward. Once Radbot was fitted I set it to 3 initially, and then over the next couple of days, I move the dial to 4 and then 5, to find the ideal temperature for our bedroom. The other rooms in our home I have left the temperature dial at a 3, as during the daytime when we occupy the living room and bathroom we don’t need it to be above 19C.

I love the boost function. It is very simple to use. A couple of times, late at night, I’ve woke up feeling a little unwell, and been able to hit the boost function on Radbot on my bedside radiator. The sound it makes, when starting up, isn’t loud enough to wake other family members and I like the reassuring flash so I know I have pressed it correctly. The response time was very fast and my radiator started to warm up in next to no time. Also, the flame setting, which is similar to the boost, has been used a couple of times, when the evenings were particularly cold.

I personally have found the Radbot very simple to fit and use. My previous radiator thermostats were quite difficult to turn, and I suffer from pain in my hands so this was really noticeable for me. Radbot turns really smoothly, and it takes just a second to dial between the different settings.

Another thing that I loved about Radbot was that it did not come with plastic packaging. The box and outer sleeve are made from card and even the additional adaptors came wrapped in paper. The design of this seems to be really well thought out. When fitted Radbot doesn’t look out of place and I love that I don’t need any app, or another piece of tech, to work Radbot.


Fancy trying out the Radbot for yourself?

Want to get yourself a fantastic 25% off Radbot voucher?

Head on over to the Radbot website and you can use discount code kkick25 to save a whopping 25% off the Radbot. This is a great saving and you can recoup the cost of purchasing the Radbot even faster with this Radbot discount code. It even works with their own discount when you purchase 4 or more. 

I hope that you’ve found my Radbot review helpful. I have been paid for this post and gifted the Radbots, however, I’m genuinely so pleased with the Radbot so far. Shortly I will be moving house and taking the Radbots with me. If you have any questions about Radbot please do get in touch and I’ll try and help in any way I can!

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