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Getting organised and saving time with Red Candy (AD)

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AD. I’m working hard recently on getting my home tidy and organised. We are quite clean, and good at tidying up after ourselves. However, having a 1 year old, and living in a flat, means we need to keep on top of clutter. As well as that I want to be able to save myself time when I’m cleaning by having less to move, clean and organise. When Red Candy contacted me, and offered me a selection of homeware goodies from their website I was very chuffed! I wanted to make sure that I chose items that were going to help me keep up with my de-cluttering / tidying goals AND hopefully save me some time too. Here is a look at what I chose:

Red Candy - A look at the products I chose

Getting organised and saving time with Red Candy

As you can see I chose two rather different items from Red Candy! Firstly I went for the Joseph & Joseph 9 nest and then I chose the linea copper storage baskets.

Red Candy - Joseph & Joseph Nest 9 plus set

The reason that I chose this Joseph & Joseph 9 nest from the Red Candy website was that I wanted to be able to free up space in my home. I knew that currently I have two mixing bowls, a colander and a sieve in the cupboard. In the space that they were taking up I have been able to place this Joseph & Joseph 9 nest. Also, I’ve been able to remove several items from my utensil and cutlery drawers too. This means that I have saved some space. Also, as all the items are together now I will be able to save time when I am baking.

Red Candy - A look at my lovely new Joseph & Joseph 9 nest plus set

This is fantastic for me and I love that I can just pull this out of the cupboard and I have all of the items together now!

De-cluttering thanks to Red Candy!

Red Candy - A look at the products I decluttered from my home

This is all the rubbish I’m clearing out! Who even needs a wooden spoon that appears to have been set on fire anyway?! 

The reason that I chose the linea copper storage baskets  is they looked nice! I’m a sucker for good advertising! Anyway, when it arrived I spent a few minutes thinking about what I could do to actually save myself some time.

Red Candy - A look at my snacks basket

I decided that one of the baskets would be ideal for using in the fridge to place snacks and goodies in. As I’ve recently been to a conference, and received lots of nice goodies, it is looking pretty full at the moment! This means that items won’t end up pushed to the back of the fridge and get forgotten about. Also, I won’t be tempted to move items down in to the vegetable crisper when I am having a tidy up where they will stay until I eventually bin them.

Look at the yummy sweets!

Red Candy - A look at my sweetie basket

The second basket that I used had a similar purpose in our kitchen cupboards. I filled it up with lots of packets of sweets that we won’t be eating yet and don’t want cluttering up the place. This means that if I want to fill up the basket in the fridge I can pull this basket out and have a rummage through.

Red Candy - A look at my products to use up basket

The third basket has been used to store a number of ‘extra’ items in my bathroom cabinet. When I am cleaning I will be able to pull this basket out and replenish stocks as needed. This should save me having to rummage through the cupboards to see what needs using up.

Red Candy - A look at my bathroom storage basket

The final basket has been used on top of my bathroom cabinet. There are always products here that I am in the process of using up. While we have some of those suction storage baskets they can only hold so much. This way I can still see all of my products. When I wipe my bathroom cabinet over I can move them out of the way in just a few seconds.

Overall I’m really pleased with the items that I chose. Products are more conveniently located, in one area, in my home now. I can move things around easily if looking through cupboards or wanting to carrying out cleaning too.

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(AD) I've been Getting organised and saving time in my home with Red Candy

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