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Review: Brio Ball Pounder (30519) (AD – Gifted)

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We were gifted this item in exchange for coverage. Daisy is really lucky! At just 2-years-old Daisy has more than 100 toys already to choose from. We are really grateful that she has lots of wonderful toys as it means that we can rotate regularly. Also, when we are finished we can either put toys up for our next baby, donate them to friends or family or gift them to our local charity shop to raise some much-needed funds. We’ve received the Brio Ball Pounder (30519) recently and I want to show you how much fun it is!

Brio Ball Pounder

The Brio Ball Pounder has an RRP of £24.95 and you can *buy it from Amazon. Within the box there are 5 pieces, the ball pounder itself, a rubber mallet and 3 balls. These are multi-coloured and they are all lovely and bright. Ideal for little ones. There is also the usual Brio leaflet in the box which shows you the many different items that they sell, and their part numbers. This is really useful if you lose something and don’t want to replace an entire train set for example.

Here is a look at the Brio Ball Pounder

Brio Ball Pounder 30519

As you can see it is really bright and colourful. Daisy was immediately interested in the Brio Ball Pounder the second I opened the box for her.

A look at the Brio ball pounder

There is no set up required with this toy and because there are only 5 pieces it is really easy to round up at the end of the day to put back in the box!

Brio Ball Pounder in action

How you use the Brio Ball Pounder is you place a ball in the hole at the top, then you hit it with the rubber mallet. After a few hits, the ball will fall through the hole and then come out of one of the 3 holes at the bottom, at random. This is great fun as Daisy never knows where the ball is going to come out from.

We’re having great fun with this toy and it is definitely built to last. Daisy has already put multiple other items through the hole, besides the ball, and not caused any damage. Also, when she accidentally hit me with the mallet a few times it wasn’t particularly painful, despite her strength.


*Brio Ball Pounder

Take a look at the Brio Ball Pounder in action

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.