Review: Brio Cargo Transport Helicopter (33886) (AD – Gifted)

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We were gifted this item in exchange for coverage. We are BIG fans of Brio toys in our home and are fortunate enough to have lots of them now. Brio toys are typically wooden, very well made and Daisy loves them. They are perfect for parents to play with little ones or for toddlers and bigger children to play independently. All of the pieces, including ones like this Brio Cargo Transport Helicopter, are designed to be used with the train sets and add another level of fun.

A look at the pilot inside the Brio Cargo Transport Helicopter

The Brio Cargo Transport Helicopter is an 8 piece set. You receive the helicopter, a pilot, 2 cargo boxes, 2 cargo trailers and 2 cargo holders. The cargo boxes go inside the cargo holders and then these sit on to the cargo trailers. The trailers are magnetic, so they can be stuck together, and they can be used on the Brio rail track. I love that the cargo is easy to put together, even for smaller hands. The cargo trailers can go into the back of the transport helicopter, via a ramp, and this has cut out sections for the trailers to be pushed along easily. I love this, as it makes the helicopter really user-friendly and Daisy can play with this independently, without any help.

Brio Cargo Transport Helicopter

Why we love the Brio Cargo Transport Helicopter

This Brio Cargo Transport Helicopter is so simple to play with. Daisy loves that the cockpit has a plastic lid, that opens, and then the pilot can be sat inside. This piece of plastic does seem to come off fairly frequently, but Daisy is 3, so she’s a little rough with her toys still. Also, it is simple for me to put back on but Daisy isn’t about to do this herself. Once the pilot is in the cockpit there are two joysticks for him to hold and this attention to detail is lovely.

A look at the pilot inside the Brio Cargo Transport Helicopter

This toy has some great features. We love that the cockpit opens, and there is a little area for the pilot to sit. Also, the rotors of the helicopter moves, which is great fun. The attention to detail on the pilot is fab, he is even wearing a headset, to allow him to talk to ground control.

Where to buy the BRIO Cargo Transport Helicopter

The BRIO Cargo Transport Helicopter retails for £34.99. You can buy it from the Brio website. It is well made, made using FSC certified wood and doesn’t require any batteries either, which is another bonus really. This set is perfect to use with our Brio Cargo Railway Deluxe Set.

The rotor of the Brio Cargo Transport Helicopter


*Brio Cargo Helicopter

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