Review: BRIO Stacking Clown for infants and toddlers (AD – Gifted)

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We received this item in exchange for coverage and an honest review. We are a big fan of wooden toys in our home. For me, I find that wooden toys are fun, sustainable and best of all they can withstand the knocks that Daisy tends to give her toys. Today I want to share with you a review of the BRIO Stacking Clown that we have received recently.

BRIO Stacking Clown

Here you can see the BRIO Stacking Clown in the packaging. Nice simple packaging, and recyclable too. Woo!

A look at the BRIO Stacking Clown

This is what the BRIO Stacking Clown looks like outside of the box.

Daisy is absolutely loving the BRIO Stacking Clown. It is designed for 18 months + and Daisy is 21 months at the time of this review. I love it too and have great fun stacking it back up when Daisy has finished playing with it.

A look at the pieces for the BRIO Stacking Clown

You get 9 pieces in total, the base piece, 6 different sized rings, 1 clown’s head and 1 clown’s hat. This fits together perfectly for the base piece, although I would like there to be a tiny bit more room at the top, as I keep trying to get it out of the box by the top, and there isn’t enough room to grip it properly.

The quality of the BRIO Stacking Clown is really high. It is made from FSC Certified wood which is great to know and it is really durable too. Daisy has been banging it around LOTS so far and it is still in fantastic condition.

This toy is fantastic for hand-eye coordination, sequencing skills and helping little ones develop their grasp. I’ve found it great quality so far and Daisy absolutely loves this toy. Every time it comes out of the box she squeals with delight. I love that it is such a simple toy, without 100s of small pieces, and it looks lovely on display too.

The BRIO Stacking Clown has an RRP of £14.99. You can buy it from the Brio website.


*Brio Stacking Clown

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