Review: Brio Wooden Doll Pram (AD – Gifted)

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We were gifted this pram in exchange for coverage. Being parents to a busy 18 month old means we are always on the lookout for new toys, entertainment and crafts. We have been using The Brio Wooden Doll Pram recently. This is perfectly suited for us, as it is aimed at babies aged 18 months and up.

Brio Wooden Doll Pram

When this comes in the box there are two little screws that you need to fix in place, along with two that are already fixed. One of ours seemed to have come loose during delivery, but this didn’t take more than a few seconds to fix and the item wasn’t damaged at all. There is a little instruction manual and an allen key too. So that is nice and convenient. It took about 1-2 minutes to put it together, which was fantastic.

Brio Wooden Doll Pram - The instructions

The Brio Wooden Doll Pram is an ideal height for Daisy, who is on the 98th centile for height. There is definitely lots of room for this to grow with her too. This stands at 38.5cm and she can stand up straight, and is a long way off of stooping to use this.

The pram is a great size for dolls, even larger ones, and Daisy has been able to push around her Peppa Pig teddy family, and another doll too.

Another look at the Brio Wooden Doll Pram

A look at the Brio Wooden Doll Pram

The first time that Daisy saw the Brio Wooden Doll Pram she said ‘car!’ and was really excited. Then when I showed her that George, Peppa, and their family, could travel in it she was really happy.

I should mention that Daisy has also given the Brio Wooden Doll Pram a proper test of strength. By sitting in it. She has done this several times, and has even fell out of it twice. I’ve tried to teach her the proper use but she IS only 18 months, so naturally she loves trying to test out my limits!

Daisy and her Brio Wooden Doll Pram

Found it almost impossible to get a nice photograph of Daisy playing with her new pram as she was on the move SO fast! Great fun for the both of us and bought me some peace to have a nice cup of tea too.

I think this is really well built, strong, sturdy and it rolls along the floor really smoothly. There is lots of room inside for toys, dolls and anything else that your little one collects. The Brio Wooden Doll Pram retails for £39.99 and you can *buy it here.

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