Review: Burger Priest Harlow

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My husband and I are lovers of eating out, however, as our daughter Daisy has FPIES, and a large array of allergies, we don’t get out as much as we would like to. Recently, while in the Harvey Centre Harlow we decided to pop into the Burger Priest Harlow on a bit of a whim.

Burger Priest Harlow Milkshakes

We started off our trip to Burger Priest Harlow with these delicious milkshakes. They were made with real ice cream and there were lots of lovely flavours to choose from. Thomas went for a strawberry one and I had chocolate. Mine had lots of lovely chocolate pieces inside and was delicious! I’m not really a fan of strawberry but I had a little sips of Thomas’ and it tasted fresh and not artificial at all.

Burger Priest Harlow Halloumi Fries and Onion Rings

We ordered Halloumi Fries, Onion Rings, and BBQ Beans as our sides. As it was our first visit we went a little bit overboard! You can see that the portion sizes are really generous and the Halloumi fries were absolutely delicious.

Burger Priest Harlow BBQ Beans

The BBQ Beans had a lovely smokey flavour to them, with lots of nice pieces of bacon and they were delicious.

Burger Priest Harlow - A look at the menu

I was really surprised at how reasonable the prices were. The drinks started from just £1.45 too for Coca-Cola etc. I loved that my Ciabatta was just £5.95 and it came with fries and coleslaw. The portion sizes were really generous.

Burger Priest Harlow David and Goliath Burgers

Thomas had the David v Goliath Burger which was £9.95 and HUGE. It was a burger with FOUR 3oz patties. I had to laugh when it arrived and Thomas confessed that he didn’t realise it had four burgers, and thought it only had 3. It was absolutely huge and came with cheddar cheese and red onions which were a nice touch.

Burger Priest Harlow Southern Fried Chicken Ciabatta

My southern fried chicken ciabatta had LOTS of filling inside. The ciabatta tasted fresh, the SFC was crispy, crunchy and delicious and the red onion was lovely and fresh.

Our visit to the Burger Priest Harlow was absolutely fantastic. The team member who served us was really helpful. He spoke about our daughter’s allergies, noting them down, and informed us that the fries would be safe for her to consume. She ate lots of my fries and did not have an FPIES reaction so this was brilliant. It’s really, really rare that we can go out for a meal and share part of our meal with Daisy.

The service was fantastic, the food came promptly and we were kept updated about how long the burgers would be (1-2 minutes) when the sides arrived. It was really clean, the seating areas were comfortable and it was easy to go up and order our food once we had made our selections.

We spent £31.45 on our visit which was broken down as follows: £9.95 David & Goliath Burger, £5.95 Southern Fried Chicken Ciabatta, £1.95 Onion Rings, £1.75 BBQ Beans, £4.95 per milkshake and I assume the remaining £1.95 was for the Halloumi Fries, as they are a new item not on the menu yet. This was really reasonable for the amount of food that we received. The shakes were fantastic quality, there was lots of filling in our Ciabatta and Brioche Bun plus the Halloumi Fries were delicious!

The amount of food that we ordered was too much for two people but we didn’t need to eat for the rest of the dinner so that was good!

One thing I particularly loved about our visit to the Burger Priest Harlow was that all of their burgers are 100% Aberdeen Angus burgers, never frozen, gluten-free, hormone-free and steroid-free. Also, they have a great selection of Fairtrade wines, craft beers and coffees available too if you fancy something a little different. Coffees started from around £1.45 and I’m looking forward to popping back again soon for breakfast!

We paid for our own visit to the Burger Priest but were really pleased so wanted to share our thoughts with you.

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