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Review: Colladeen Visage (AD)

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AD. Since becoming a parent in 2016 I feel like my self-care has fallen by the wayside. I’ve gradually become better at self-care as a parent and trying to do more for myself. I was recently offered the chance to try Colladeen Visage, which is designed to help support normal collagen formation in the skin, and I decided I had nothing to lose really! This is my Colladeen Visage review.

Colladeen Visage

Colladeen Visage retails for £18.95 per 60 tablets, and you take two tablets daily with a meal. I have been taking my tablets at dinnertime, as I know I would forget at other times. You can buy Colladeen Visage here.

The tablets of Colladeen Visage

As you can see this food supplement is a pretty good size, they were comfortable to swallow and there was no nasty aftertaste either.

Ingredients of Colladeen Visage

The ingredients within Colladeen Visage include Lutein, niacin, biotin and vitamin C. These ingredients are designed to help with the normal function of bones, teeth, cartilage, skin and blood vessels. After 2 months I can see that there has been a difference in my skin for sure. I have less redness on my face. And across my cheeks. I feel that the antioxidants have helped balance out the tone of my skin well.

The skin on my face feels a little bit firmer and tighter. I have also been taking more time to use my skincare regime properly, twice a day, and the two together are definitely making a difference for my skin. I have had a small increase in spots, but I think this is because I have been cleansing my skin more thoroughly and all of the rubbish is coming out of my pores.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.