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Review: Downtown Micro Scooter (AD – Gifted)

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2021 has been a real year for me! Between having a second daughter joining our family, to having huge problems with our house it is fair to say that we’ve been through the mill a little… I decided, midway through the year, to start working on my own health and fitness more.

I’ve made a conscious effort to eat better, move more, drink more water, meditate, journal, practice actual self care by listening to the needs of my body and this has really flowed well through my family.

Our 5 year old, Daisy, is a BIG fan of scooters, and loves to scoot to school, the park or even the town centre. I wanted to join her, and so I picked out an adult micro scooter for myself. I’ve been gifted the Downtown Micro Scooter and absolutely love it so far!

Katy stands outside on a cycle track, with path and greenery alongside, on a micro scooter. Katy is wearing grey Haix trainers, blue trousers and a red jumper is visible underneath her black hooded maternity coat. Katy is wearing a Mongoose helmet and glasses.

A little more about Micro Scooters

I have been reading a little more about Micro Scooters as a company and I just had to share a few facts about them!

Riding a micro scooter is naturally a cleaner, greener way to get around, and thanks to being able to buy parts as they wear out your micro scooter can actually last for years. The parts are designed to be replaceable, which I absolutely love.

Their customer service is absolutely great. I had to ring with a question, and they did not know I was working on this post, yet I still received fantastic prompt service.

Micro Scooters run a scheme, called Scootsafe, where they visit schools, clubs and after school clubs with a team of scooter instructors to teach children how to scoot safely. I love this, and really feel it’s a great way to encourage little ones to scoot safely, rather than wanting to be driven to school.

Why a Micro Scooter?

I wanted to be able to scoot to the shops, the park or perhaps visit local relatives, without always needing my lovely husband Tom to be home to drive me around. A scooter seemed like a fantastic way for me to get out, with Daisy, and explore our town a little more, while getting some exercise in too.

Personally I think that the best scooter for adults has to be a manual one. It’s a great way to exercise, move your body more and just generally enjoy being out in the fresh air.

Downtown Micro Scooter Features

This scooter weighs in at 6kg, so it is light enough for me to carry if I’m popping into a shop. It is designed for a user weighing a maximum of 100kg and it has a kick to fold system that I find very simple to use.

Unfolding this scooter just requires the press of a button, and although I have painful hands a lot, due to a medical condition, I’m able to open this with no problems at all.

The wheels are large, so they feel sturdy while I’m riding along the pavements near my home, and along the cycle tracks too. At the moment there are lots of leaves, twigs and bits on the paths but I had no problem scooting to town and back.

The handbrake is very simple to use, just like one on a bicycle, sitting by the handles, and the frame can be extended to 102cm high. I don’t need this height, but it means my husband can have a go on the scooter if he wants to as well, which he has done several times now.

My thoughts on scooting:

I’m absolutely loving it so far! I’m not a driver, by choice, and so being able to scoot to the shops, to pick my daughter up or just to pop and check on my Mum if I want to has been fantastic.

I am really enjoying the freedom of scooting, but also it has been a fantastic choice I’ve made to help me exercise more too. I’m loving zooming up and down the paths where I live, and it’s really made me want to get out more and be more active.

This scooter is very sturdy, and after just one day of using it I was feeling so much confidence while scooting. I find that I can get anywhere around 3x faster than walking, 2x if I’ve got my eldest daughter with me and we take it in turns, especially as the paths near my home have some pretty big hills. This means I can scoot up, to get my heart rate up a little, and then fly down the hills with next to no effort and in minimal time.

I’ve lost around 25kg this year, and want to continue to work on fitness based goals, and I really think the scooter is going to help with this. It encourages me to get out when the weather is a little colder and it’s a great, fun activity that really makes me feel on top of the world while I’m out!

What accessories to use with a Micro Scooter?

So far I have a helmet (of course!) and also I have a rucksack that I wear sometimes, if I’m going to be popping to the shops or I’m dropping something off to my Mum.

You may also want a strap or bag, to carry your scooter when heading into shops, and I think this is something that I may look to order for myself in the next few weeks. It’s really convenient to just be able to kick the scooter closed and take it in the supermarket with me without worrying about locking it up or it being stolen.

So far I have been locking my scooter into a shopping trolley and taking it around the store with me.

Lights are a great idea if you’re going to be out late at night. So far I’ve been sticking to daylight hours but I am going to order some lights shortly. I love the look of the stick ones that go over the front of the micro scooter and really illuminate both you and the path ahead.

Overall I’m absolutely chuffed with my new scooter. It’s really fun, simple to ride, great exercise and it means less car journeys for us as my husband is happy to walk while Daisy and I scoot!

I do hope that electric scooters are eventually legalised, as I’d be happy to have insurance to use one, and it would be great to be able to zip around town on my high pain days without lots of effort.

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Kim Carberry

Thursday 16th of December 2021

Oh wow! That looks fantastic. It's a great way to get about and exercise too. x

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.