Review: Flitterbee Christmas Elf Door (AD – Gifted)

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We were gifted this elf door in exchange for coverage. Christmas was always a holiday I never really cared about much, until my daughter was born in 2016. Now I feel like Christmas is magical and I have a chance to have amazing celebrations with my friends and family in the run up to Christmas. We always decorate our home for Christmas but since Daisy was born we have made even more effort. Daisy will be celebrating her second Christmas this year and we’ve got a Christmas Elf Door to help make it even more special!

Flitterbee Christmas Elf Door - A look at the door

The Flitterbee Christmas Elf Door is 9cm wide x 17.5cm tall and 1cm thick. This means it is REALLY small. Perfect for elves to travel through! Also, this door, which is decorated with lots of lovely features, opens to reveal Santa! So cute!

As you can see the door is adorned with a Christmas wreath, ‘berries’ and a red bow. There is a pretty door handle, and even a letterbox. The Christmas Elf Door is painted red, on both the inside and outside, and it is really glittery and festive. It looks lovely! 

Flitterbee Christmas Elf Door - A look inside the door

When the door opens, it reveals Santa inside, at his workshop. I love that there is an image inside and that this is a real working door. Daisy is going to hopefully use this for at least a few Christmases as we keep the magic alive!

Flitterbee Christmas Elf Door

As well as receiving the door there is a little teeny tiny key (for the teeny tiny lock under the door handle) and this has a huge tag on it. So it won’t get lost! There is also a tiny bottle of fairy dust (glitter) if you want to sprinkle this around when the door arrives.

I love that the door comes with the sticky pads to fix it in place, and I’m really pleased that this is just ready to use right out of the box. No messing around!

The Flitterbee Christmas Elf Door retails for £21.95 from the Flitterbee website. You can buy one now.

This door is great fun for the little ones, and it is lovely to get in to the festive spirit. We don’t have our door displayed yet, as it is only October, but we have already tested it out to write this review and the quality seems great. The door is festive and I think the fact it opens, to reveal Santa, is a really nice touch. I’m excited to decorate for Christmas this year and tell Daisy how the elves will be using the door to get to Santa’s workshop and to check that she is behaving. I know she won’t understand much this year but I’m still really looking forward to it! Maybe the elves will leave some dairy free treats too sometimes! 

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