Review: Hey Duggee Musical Duggee Soft Toy (AD – Gifted)

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We received the item featured in this post in exchange for coverage. My daughter Daisy is 3 and absolutely loves plush toys. Ideally, I like Daisy to have plush toys that play some music or have something interesting about them. Rather than just sitting there in her *toy hammock. She already has a toy hammock  This Hey Duggee Musical Duggee Soft Toy is perfect as it is super soft like a decent plush should be, it lights up, moves and plays music too.

Hey Duggee

If your little one is a fan of the CBeebies show Hey Duggee then they are going to LOVE this Hey Duggee Musical Duggee Soft Toy! With an RRP of £29.99 is it a little more pricey than some plush toys, however, I feel it offers more to a toddler than a normal plush. Hey Duggee is a good show for little ones to watch around Daisy’s age as it definitely encourages exercise, learning and having fun together.

Press Duggee’s hand and he will play one of 3 different tunes from the show. Duggee’s ears move to the beat of each song, including the iconic theme song. If you press Duggee’s other hand he will say fun phrases and play sounds from the Hey Duggee show. A WOOF!

My absolute favourite feature of this toy and Daisys too is that the badges light up! Each of the four activity badges lights up and I think this, combined with the flapping ears, brings a really fun feel to this toy. Daisy is already a fan of the show and she loves it so much. The moment she clapped eyes on the box she was ridiculously excited and I keep catching her sitting on the sofa with him playing lots. The music hasn’t got irritating, yet, and it’s perfect for fans of the show.

Where can you buy the Hey Duggee Musical Duggee Soft Toy?

*Amazon / Smyths / Argos

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