Review: Joan Collins Timeless Beauty

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This year I have really been working on getting my identity back. For me this means spending time on my work, which I love, but also doing more nice things for myself. Spa days, nice make up, lighting candles and having nice surroundings all make me feel like myself. Keeping my mental health in tip top condition is important to me and making the effort to get dressed, do my hair and look nice when I go out makes me feel confident. Today I am trying some products from the Joan Collins Timeless Beauty range and I want to share my review with you.

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty - A look at the products

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty – First Base

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty - A look at the foundation

I don’t usually use a liquid foundation. I prefer mineral ones, however, I was really excited to give this a go as I love to try new products. The pump dispenser was really simple to use and the packaging has a sleek feel to it that I loved.

It was simple for me to press down a few times, to get the pump dispenser working, and then I could easily dispense just the required amount. I love that this packaging cuts down on waste – it feels great too. This foundation is comfortable to hold and simple to use too.

When it came to applying the foundation I was able to do so easily. Despite not using a Primer, or any other products on my skin first, the coverage was great. I’m sure that if I used a primer first, and was applying it to freshly cleansed, toned and moisturised skin, that it would apply even better! I was really happy with the coverage and despite having a huge array of different spots at the moment it made my skin look so much better. My skin tone was evened out and some of the wrinkles were a little dulled – so I don’t look quite so haggard. 

I used the warm fair shade of first base and it was perfect for my skin. It brightened up my skin, gave me a nice colour without making my skin look unusual or the wrong shade for the rest of my body. I love that this shade makes my skin look healthy and it was definitely warm fair.

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty - Concealer

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty – Fade to Perfect Concealer

I don’t think I have EVER used a concealer before. It was so simple to apply thanks to the lip gloss style dispenser. I was able to dab it underneath my eyes, and around the outer part of my eye, and it helped to cover up some of the fine lines.

This concealer worked well for my skin and was ideal used underneath my foundation. I then applied the first base foundation before I used a little more concealer.

I received the Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Fade to Perfect concealer in medium. This was ideal for covering my eye bags from all the late nights lately!

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty - A look at my face afterwards

Overall I have been really pleased with the quality of the Joan Collins Timeless Beauty range. Both items I received were well packaged, had a high quality look and feel and best of all they worked for my skin tone. Being able to conceal my eye bags makes me feel more confident about myself. It also means that I don’t have to look chronically tired in all of my photographs with my daughter!

I received the items featured in this post for free. All opinions are my own, as per usual.

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