Review: Little Tikes Wonder Lab (AD – Gifted)

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We were gifted the featured item in exchange for coverage. Last month we headed off into London for an event with Little Tikes. While we were there we got to see their range of STEM toys for children. Daisy fell in love with the Little Tikes Wonder Lab and we’ve been fortunate enough to be sent one to review. We’ve been playing with it for a good week now and I want to share with you exactly what we think of it.

Little Tikes Wonder Lab

The Little Tikes Wonder Lab is designed for pre-school aged children, 3-5 years of age. It is part of the Little Tikes STEMJR range that is designed to get little ones interested in science, technology, engineering and maths. These are such important topics where we need to focus our children’s learning for the future. The Little Tikes Wonder Lab is specifically designed to help little ones feel like a scientist.

The science experiments from Little Tikes Wonder Lab

Inside the box, alongside the Little Tikes Wonder Lab, you receive 20 plastic experiment cards which mostly use household items to conduct experiments. There is a great variety of accessories including plastic goggles, test tubes, beakers, spoons and pieces to use for a ball maze. This requires 3 X AA batteries, as these are not included.

The Wonder Lab from Little Tikes

I love that the Little Tikes Wonder Lab is so bright & colourful. It is the perfect toy for pre-schoolers and is great if you want to play with your little one. Daisy has been working on her motor skills and even just playing with a beaker of water and the Little Tikes Wonder Lab is great fun. I love that the plastic makes it simple to wipe over & I can even soak the pieces in the sink if they’ve got a little sticky.

It was pretty simple for me to set up the Little Tikes Wonder Lab. It took almost 20 minutes from start to finish, including moving my living room around to fit in it. As we’ve not got carpets we don’t have to worry about mess much. If you have carpets then you may want to lay down a cloth or perhaps a plastic tablecloth that you can pop in the washing machine when you’re done playing. Some of the experiments are on the messy side, such as ones using food colouring.

The test tubes in the Little Tikes Wonder Lab

Little Tikes Wonder Lab - A look at the accessories

A look at the Little Tikes Wonder Lab

I feel that the Little Tikes Wonder Lab is more than just a toy. It is a great way to spend time playing with your child while helping them to practice their fine motor skills and learn more about STEM topics too. The accessories are what really makes this and I love all of the details. My favourite accessories are the flask, beaker and test tubes. They’re great fun. Chunky and sturdy for little hands but comfortable for me to hold too if I want to join in.

Little Tikes Wonder Lab Air Pump

The attention to detail is great as there are some really fun interactive features to the Little Tikes Wonder Lab. I love how you turn the wheel and it activates an air pump. Also, you can flip the switch to turn the power on and off. This also activates a light and speech starts up. When it is powering down this is particularly funny and Daisy has been laughing so much at this part. As it powers down the speech goes funny and you can really hear it powering down.

Little Tikes Wonder Lab Electricity Conductor

While it only took 15-20 minutes to build, total time including unboxing, I found two of the screws a little difficult to put in place. However, this does make it a really sturdy and durable toy so it is worth the slight faffing.

Little Tikes Wonder Lab goggles

Where to buy the Little Tikes Wonder Lab

Head on over to the Little Tikes website to buy your little one their own Wonder Lab. The RRP is £99.99.

We received the Little Tikes Wonder Lab in exchange for this review. All opinions are our own, as always.

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