Review: Casdon Morphy Richards Kitchen Set (AD – Gifted)

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We were gifted this set in exchange for coverage. Daisy is 3 and as such, she LOVES a bit of roleplay. Being able to run her own kitchen, and serve food, can keep her busy for a good 30-45 minutes at a time. This is an amazing amount of time for a child her age to be occupied and just one of the reasons why I LOVE the Casdon Morphy Richards Kitchen Set.

Morphy Richards Kitchen Set

The Casdon Morphy Richards Kitchen Set comes with everything your little one needs to have a fantastic kitchen cook up. There is a toaster, with 2 pieces of toast, a coffee maker (that really runs water through), a kettle, two cups and saucers, two dinner plates, egg, bacon & sausage plus cutlery.

A look at the full Morphy Richards Kitchen Set

Everything in the set comes in a bright red colour, which Daisy seems to love. Daisy is a big fan of bright, garish colours so this Morphy Richards Kitchen Set was perfect for her!

One of my favourite features of this set is the coffee machine. You can fill the top of the coffee machine with water. Then place the jug underneath and then the water trickles down. This is great fun and Daisy was VERY excited to see this. Over and over. We used a LOT of teatowels the first day that we got this set out to play with. Still, I love that it works in this way, and is simple to wipe over too.

All of the parts for this set are the ideal size for small hands. Daisy has been having lots of fun with it. Unfortunately, she has jammed the toaster, more than once. Mostly by trying to toast pretzels and other goodies. That isn’t a design flaw obviously!

I love that this set is simple to clean and lightweight. It is sturdy enough to withstand the knocks from a 3-year-old. Daisy has had hours of fun. I love being able to occupy Daisy. Mostly with making me a cup of tea and bacon & egg. Then when it comes over I ask for toast. This has bought me some valuable minutes in the last couple of weeks. Daisy has had chickenpox and has been stuck indoors all of the time.

We’ve already had hours of fun from this set and I see that it is just £12.99 on Amazon at the moment! *Why not buy it now? The RRP is £17, which in itself is fantastic quality. We have previously had the Casdon Morphy Richards kettle & toaster set. Daisy loved the two items on their own but eventually became a little tired of just having two items to play with. Now she has a nice array of items, and with the addition of some *Casdon play food, this set really comes to life. If your little one has a play kitchen then this is a fantastic addition that I’m sure will be very well received.


*Casdon Morphy Richards Kitchen Set

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  1. Kim Carberry April 3, 2019 / 7:18 pm

    This is such a cute set. My girls both had something similar when they were little. It’s great for role playing and such a bargain price x

    • katykicker April 8, 2019 / 9:03 am

      It’s adorable – I really love playing with it too! Might get it out again today!

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