Review: Morphy Richards Saturn Steam 305000 2400W Iron (AD – Gifted)

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We were gifted this item in exchange for coverage. Ironing… One single word that can emit a huge groan from most people. Whether you are a fan of ironed bedsheets and pants, or just using your iron for the bare minimum (weddings and school photos), it is inevitable that at some point you’re going to need to get the iron out. In our home, my husband does most of the ironing, which I’m really grateful for. Although this is mostly because he wears ironed clothes and I rarely mind if mine are ironed. The good people at AO recently sent me the Morphy Richards Saturn Steam (model number 30500) to review and I want to share my thoughts with you.

Morphy Richards Saturn Steam 305000 2400W Iron

The Morphy Richards Saturn Steam glides easily over all types of fabrics, as it has a ceramic soleplate. Also, it provides continue steam, at the rate of 50g per minute. Now I’ll be honest and say I had no idea what that meant. Basically, in a nutshell, you get a LOT of steam from this – just like you would from a steam generator. This is because of the steam generator technology and the 1 bar pressurised steam.

A look at the buttons on the Morphy Richards Saturn Steam 305000 2400W Iron

The Morphy Richards Saturn Steam has an easy to use digital control panel. This is the first time, ever, that we’ve owned an iron that has a digital panel. This is despite owning several steam generators in the past, and promptly killing them because of forgetting to change the filters! You can set it to four temperature settings, making it ideal for all types of garments. There is also a low, medium and high steam indicator on the display.

Morphy Richards Saturn Steam 305000 2400W Iron Digital Display

As this iron has a self-clean indicator it’ll let you know when it is time for a cleaning! The temperature settings are:

One dot – 120C max cool (no steam)

Two dots – 160C max warm (low steam)

Three dots – 210C max hot (medium / high steam)

Max – High steam

The dots correlate to the label inside your clothing – just in case you were wondering!

Another fantastic feature of the Morphy Richards Saturn Steam is that you can use it vertically to steam garments and fabrics. It works fantastically in a vertical position and it is ideal for steaming suits or dresses just before you get dressed for a special occasion.

Morphy Richards Saturn Steam 305000 2400W Iron - Ironing a shirt

The Morphy Richards Saturn Steam has a steam boost and a water spray too. This is fantastic for dealing with stubborn creases and makes light work of ironing your clothes.

There is a safety auto shut off, which activates after the iron has not been used or moved for 1 minute while sat horizontally or 8 minutes if stop upright. No more will I have to worry about forgetting about the fact I’m ironing and burning a hole in my husband’s work shirts. Which just happened one time! There is a beep and a flash once to let you know that it has automatically shut off. When the iron does shut off you can simply move it again or press one of the buttons on the digital display and it will heat back up.

Morphy Richards Saturn Steam 305000 2400W Iron - in action

The Morphy Richards Saturn Steam is really comfortable to hold, glides across clothing smoothly and everything about it is simple to use. It is genuinely one of the best irons I’ve ever used. The fact that it isn’t doesn’t have a huge steam generator base is great, as I can just store this on the top of my fridge and it isn’t heavy to lift down when I want to use it.

The filling cap is simple to use and it holds a good amount of water. The booklet that I received advised me to use 50% tap water and 50% distilled, deionised or demineralised water, to prolong the life of this iron. I’m unlikely to remember to do this but so far so good! It is simple enough to tell when the water needs replacing as the iron no longer produces steam.

Morphy Richards Saturn Steam 305000 2400W Iron - light

The final feature that I love about this iron is that there is a crease LIGHT! Say you’re ironing a fabric and it is hard to see the areas, maybe linen trousers for example, there is a light that you can use to check that you’ve got all those stubborn creases! This is fantastic and I’ve never seen this on an iron before.

Overall this iron is making light work of the ironing in our home. It is better than the previous iron that we were using and the digital display makes it really simple to use. There is a vast array of steam generated when using this, which removes creases from clothes quickly, and the steam boost function is fantastic when ironing jeans and jackets.

You can find the Morphy Richards Saturn Steam 30500 2400 Watt Iron over on the AO website for just £49!

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