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Review: OKP Robot Vacuum Cleaner K3 (AD)

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I’m a big fan of smart devices. Anything that can save me time, effort or money is always going to be a winner in my home. We are fortunate enough to have quite a few smart devices, including smart robot vacuums, and so OKP got in touch to see if they could send one of their models to test out, and I chose the K3.

The OKP K3 is a robot vacuum, with an optional cleaning cloth that you can attach to it. The K3 can be controlled by an app, or using voice control with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistants.

OKP Life K3 Vacuum in blue on a wood effect vinyl floor

What are the features of the OKP K3?

Long runtime

The runtime is quoted as being 150 minutes, on low suction mode. So far I’ve had it run for around 45 minutes at a time, on medium suction, while it cleans the entire downstairs of my home, thoroughly, and then it returns back to the dock to start charging itself up again. It does not run out of battery during this time.

OKP Life K3 Vacuum in blue on a wood effect vinyl floor

App control

You can use the free app to control the OKP K3. This app allows you to set the vacuum cleaner to recharge, to schedule a clean for a specific time, and to set it to clean for one of the four cleaning modes.

Voice control

Should you not want to use the app, or perhaps don’t have access to your phone, you can just use your Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to control the vacuum cleaner instead.

You simply use the voice command “Alexa, turn on K3”. Then the cleaning mode will begin and you can sit back and relax while it cleans your home.

Multiple cleaning modes

There are four different cleaning modes to choose from. Random cleaning, spot cleaning, wall cleaning and planned cleaning.

Random cleaning allows the vacuum to go around your home in a random pattern.

Spot cleaning is when you want to clean up a small area, perhaps underneath a child’s highchair or around a dog bowl or similar.

Wall cleaning will go along the edge of the rooms of your home.

Planned cleaning will clean a set area of your home.

Great suction

The suction is adjustable. You will get the largest amount of run time when using the lowest suction, ‘low 800 pa’. There is also a ‘medium 1300 pa’ and ‘max 2200 pa’ setting. This means you can choose the revenant suction level for the type of floors that you have in your home.

I have been using the medium setting, as I have vinyl flooring, and this has been working well, ensuring enough run time to clean through the entire downstairs of my home, thoroughly. It’s my dream to have Parquet Flooring – but maybe in my next house!


As with most robot vacuums this has some intelligence about it and once it has finished cleaning your home it just takes itself back to the docking station, where it goes back onto the dock and starts to charge itself.

This means it is ready to use next time, either at the scheduled time or when you use the voice control, to clean your home again.

Cloth to wipe floors

There is a little cloth pad that you can wet and place onto the bottom of the robot vacuum. It does not have a water reservoir but this is a great way to still get your clothes looking cleaner, with minimal effort.

You could use a couple of drops of disinfectant on the cloth. While I would have liked to have seen a water reservoir for the price I feel like this is a good compromise versus the money that has been saved.

Great for a variety of floor types

You can use this on hard floors and on plush carpets too. It has 15 degree climbing technology, which allows it to go up on different flooring types with ease.

The entire downstairs of my home is laid with vinyl, apart from a small concrete floor area. This involves the robot vacuum going over a small lip in-between the rooms but it does not suffer and I don’t even hear a noise when it does so.

Large dust box

This dust box holds 500ml of dust. This means it is possible to empty it just every week or two, as it will hold quite a large amount of dust and hair.

I have a little reminder set up to just empty mine weekly, so it never becomes full.

The maintenance of this robot vacuum is very straight forward. If the brushes become bent it is simple just to remove them and soak them in a little warm water until they can be shaped back into place with ease.

A light tapping is all that is required to remove dust and the dust bin is very simple to empty also.

I have found this nice and quiet to use, going around with home with minimal interruptions to my day. It is lightweight enough to pick up, should I want to use it upstairs, although I do have a different robot vacuum up there!

Overall I’ve been pleased with the quality of this for the price. It is simple to order on next day delivery from Amazon and simple to maintain too.

You can find this model on *Amazon UK and Amazon US.

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