Review: Peppa Pig Stage Playset (AD – Gifted)

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We were gifted the featured item in exchange for coverage. Our daughter Daisy is a HUGE Peppa Pig fan. Daisy is 3 and has been loving Peppa Pig since she was 1. Our Kallax toy unit has a whole box dedicated just to Peppa Pig Figurines and the smaller vehicles. Daisy has lots of Peppa Pig toys and products in our home and her *Peppa Pig figurines are her absolute favourite. She spends hours every day singing to them, playing games and taking them on adventures in her *Peppa Pig Plane and *Peppa Pig helicopter. Recently Daisy was sent one of the brand new Peppa Pig toys – this Peppa Pig Stage Playset. As soon as we opened the box she was super excited and we promptly got it put together for her.

Seating for Peppa Pig Stage

What is the Peppa Pig Stage Playset?

The Peppa Pig Stage Playset is an interactive playset that comes with lots of props, you also receive a Peppa and George figurine in the box. Within the playset, you have three double-sided backdrop cards that you can switch around in your theatre. There is also the option to slide a tablet into place (not included) and you can then put on your little one’s favourite movie or show for an instant cinema experience. Of course, Daisy wanted to watch Peppa Pig on the Peppa Pig Stage Playset and I was only too happy to oblige!


I absolutely love the design of this playset. First of all, it is brilliant to have a fold-down storage area for all of the pieces that come with this playset. Secondly, it is sturdy, well made and strong. Daisy is a little bit heavy-handed with her toys still and after lots of regular play so far it’s looking great.

Daisy really enjoys turning the backdrops around and setting different scenes. Also, the theatre setting that comes with this set is absolutely adorable. Daisy has a TON of figurines already but is always happy to get another Peppa & George set!

Inserts for Peppa Pig Stage Playset

There is a sound box with the Peppa Pig stage playset and it makes lots of different sounds. Daisy has been calling me, multiple times a day, to come over to her theatre and listen to the different noises. It’s absolutely adorable and I love it so much!

Musical options for the Peppa Pig Stage

Overall this is one of my favourite toys so far. I love that you can use it to be creative, and let your own imagination run wild but you can also fit a tablet to make it more exciting for little ones. Daisy will happily sit for a good 20-30 minutes watching a show on YouTube or Netflix, which is amazing considering her attention span and her age.

Peppa Pig Stage

Peppa Pig Stage Playset

Where can you buy the Peppa Pig Stage Playset?


You can buy the Peppa Pig Stage Playset at Argos and *Amazon.

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