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Review: PJ Masks PJ Seeker (AD – Gifted)

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We were gifted these items in exchange for coverage. We were recently gifted the *PJ Masks HQ Rocket and the set of *PJ Masks Moon Rovers which you can read about here. Now we have some more great toys to show you – the *PJ Masks PJ Seeker and the *Power Racers Catboy and *Power Racers Owlette toys.

Daisy is a BIG fan of PJ Masks. From the day we bought her a *Gekko PJ Mask from Centerparcs Daisy has been a convert. PJ Masks is often on the TV and Daisy can happily spend a good hour solid playing with all of her PJ Masks toys. Daisy loves to shout “Alexa, play PJ Masks!” and spend her time dancing and singing to all of her favourite PJ Masks songs.

PJ Mask PJ Seeker

The PJ Masks PJ Seeker is HUGE. Absolutely massive! Size-wise you’re getting quite a bit for your money. The toy comes in a massive box, so is ideal as a ‘main’ present for Christmas or Birthdays.

This is a 9 piece set as you receive the cabin of the seeker, the main body of the seeker and then 7 other pieces.

Daisy wearing an elf costume surrounded by Christmas presents and text overlay that says the best places to hide your Christmas presents!

These pieces are a searchlight with bridge platform, holder for the claw crane, the claw crane itself, 2 bridge side panels, a satellite, a shooter, one disc to shoot out of the shooter and a cage too.

Inside the cage, there is a PJ masks cardboard cut out. From the box itself, it looks, to me, like you get a real Romeo figure, but sadly you don’t. You do receive a Catboy and a car for Catboy though, with other vehicles and figures listed as being sold separately.

PJ Masks PJ Seeker

There are quite a few cable ties and plastic screws holding all of the pieces in the box. While it took me a few minutes to get inside I was glad everything was secure, to reduce the chances of something being missing.

With the RRP of this set being £69.99, you really expect everything to be included. Even if Romeo was just a cardboard cut out! 

Detachable cabin from the PJ Masks PJ Seeker

The PJ Masks PJ Seeker has a detachable cabin, which you can drive around on it’s own. This cabin fits up to three 7cm PJ Mask figures inside.

In the back of the PJ Seeker you can store a mixture of different vehicles, and it is compatible with lots of the PJ Mask vehicles.

The detachable cabin is ideal for roleplay, as you can detach the cabin from the carrier and escape enemies!

PJ Masks In The Detachable Cabin

Daisy has been absolutely loving this set. The PJ Masks PJ Seeker is great fun. It comes with detailed instructions but I was able to build everything with ease by looking at the box that the PJ Seeker came in.

I personally think the PJ Seeker is really user-friendly and it is simple for little ones to see how this works.

Daisy was quickly able to work out how to use the claw crane, how to make the disc fly and how to activate the searchlight, all without no instruction from me.

Daisy is 4 so I feel confident that all 3+ PJ Masks fans would be able to use this well.

PJ Masks PJ Seeker Crane

PJ Masks PJ Seeker


*PJ Seeker

PJ Masks PJ Seeker Ramp

Daisy also received the *Power Racers Catboy and *Power Racers Owlette toys. I have to say that these appear to be redesigned somewhat from the photos that I saw on Amazon before they arrived. I can only wonder if this is because of some of the comments on the Amazon reviews.

Initially, I was worried about Owlette, and her design, as the reviews didn’t seem great. However, we didn’t have any issues with Owlette fitting in the car and her joins were well made too.

One downside is that when you click Owlette’s wings on to the car it no longer fits inside the *PJ Masks PJ Seeker. This is really disappointing and I’m just not strong enough to pull the wings back off so that the car can be driven inside.

The cape on Owlette was pretty cool, and definitely one of Daisy’s favourite features from all the toys.

PJ Masks PJ Seeker Races

Overall I’ve got mixed views this time. The *PJ Masks PJ Seeker IS really fun. It has a ramp, it can throw a disc, there is a searchlight and it plays (quietly) some noises too.

It is interactive, and Daisy has already had hours of play from it. I would say her interest in these toys is far greater than anything else she’s played with in the past month.

That’s great, considering the higher price of the PJ Seeker.

Inside the PJ Masks PJ Seeker

The downside is that Owlette’s car doesn’t fit, which is a shame as it would be great to store all of the power racer cars inside the PJ Seeker. The *PJ Masks Moon Rovers do fit inside fine though, so that’s been great.

The PJ Seeker feels strong, and sturdy. It has taken a lot of knocks and so far, besides the back ramp, nothing has fallen off.

Everything is well designed to click back into place and Daisy has really been enjoying this.

If your little one is a PJ Masks fan then I think the PJ Seeker makes a great gift as the main present.

PJ Masks PJ Seeker Searchlight

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*Gekko Mask / *PJ HQ Rocket Playset

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