Review: Pointless Board Game (AD – Gifted)

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We were gifted this item in exchange for coverage. We LOVE a games night in our home, and we’ve had a few games from University Games in the past too. Recently we went sent the Pointless Board Game and set about having a games night last weekend so we could enjoy it right away.

Pointless Board Game

The Pointless board game is obviously based on the Pointless TV show but even if you had never seen it the instructions you receive are thorough and you’ll be able to pick up this game in no time at all. It took around 5-10 minutes to read the instructions and be ready to play the game, but that is just because I like to make sure I know everything before starting. You could easily read along while you played each of the different rounds.

Inside of the Pointless Board Game

Within the Pointless board game box, you get counters/tokens, pencils, a pad to record scores down, a leaderboard and then the pointless questions and their holders. It was simple to get this set up and the game itself was great fun to play.

Contents of the Pointless Board Game

I like that there were counters, to see who was who and to help mark scores on the leaderboard. There is also a mobile app that you can use alongside this, but we didn’t feel the need. Basically, the quizmaster can see what the scores for any given answer were and then set this up on the app. It will count down, like the screen on the real show, and let people know what points they scored.

Pointless Board Game Contents

I love that the Pointless board game comes with everything that you need to get started. You can be playing the game in under 10 minutes and it is easy to understand. There was a wide variety of questions, on various topics, and it was easy to read the questions out and play as a twosome, without accidentally revealing the points value of an answer.

This game was great fun and definitely similar to participating in the television show. We played it with two of us, and I felt that it would be more fun with four people, but we enjoyed it all the game. We’ve got a great collection of board game and while I won’t pretend this is my favourite we’ll definitely play it again soon and took it on holiday with us recently.

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