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Review: PoundToy – A website that sells £1 toys (AD)

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AD. Christmas is fast approaching. You already know this don’t you?! Well I don’t know about you but I have a blinking HUGE family to get presents for. While I have been fortunate enough to get some goodies sent to me this year, that I have put up for Christmas, there always seems to be a few more people that I haven’t got presents for yet. Or one more stocking filler that I want to buy. I was offered the chance to review PoundToy recently – a website that sells toys for just £1!

PoundToy Review - Crafts

PoundToy is home to £1 toys, but also they have a vast selection of other items too. When I was making my purchases I browsed the various sections. First I looked at the front page of the PoundToy website. I could see various sections, including ‘New In’ and ‘Most Popular’ so I started here.

PoundToy Review - Mr Men Felt

When I visited the Most Popular part of the website there were toys of various prices, as not every on PoundToy is £1. I compared the prices of a few items, including a Star Wars Torch. I couldn’t find this cheaper anywhere else, so that was a good start!

PoundToy Review - Peppa Pig

As Daisy is Peppa Pig mad I decided to pick her up a few goodies, including an expandable flannel, for £1, a backpack for £4 and a 3 piece dinner set for £3. Each of these items was either the same price, or cheaper, than other websites I looked at.

I was impressed that there were 6 items from Peppa Pig for just £1. This would have been ideal to make a Peppa Pig themed stocking – that I know Daisy would love!

PoundToy Review - Christmas Decorations
PoundToy Review - Santa Sign

I got a few items for Christmas, including a paint your own Festive ornaments set and a Santa Stop Here sign. I’m really looking forward to painting these ornaments with Daisy and they were a great price for £5.

PoundToy Review - Colouring

While I picked up a selection of goodies for Daisy and I to enjoy, or for Daisy alone, I also picked up a few goodies for the food bank donation I’m dropping off next month too. I was able to get a ton of items for under £50 and I love the range of £1 toys that PoundToy have available.

I’m someone who likes to buy quality items, but I didn’t feel like the £1 toys I picked up were poor quality. Everything was in the original packaging, brand new and was securely delivered with no problems at all.

PoundToy Review - Arts & Crafts

The website was simple to use and had some great categories and filters. I liked being able to go to the most popular department and then filtering by price from low to high. This worked well and helped me find the most toys for my money.

Is Poundtoy legit?

Yes! I placed this order, and received it, and have used the website several times since to stock up on toys for holidays and being at home during lockdown.

Can you really get toys for a pound?

Yes! They have a wide variety of different toys, at various price points, so be sure to use the on site filters to help you find the best/cheapest deals, as appropriate.

Can you earn cashback on your PoundToy order?

Be sure to check out *Topcashback and *Quidco as they have both offered cashback on PoundToy orders in the past. It seems that this comes and goes, perhaps when they want to drive sales, so be sure to check each time!

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Wednesday 29th of November 2017

Just got 2 Crayola Colour Wonder sets from there, not much but I used your discount so thanks Katy!


Wednesday 29th of November 2017

You're so welcome - glad the discount could help! x

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.