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Review: Schleich Pony Agility Training (AD – Gifted)

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We were gifted the featured items in exchange for this coverage. Our daughter Daisy, who recently turned 3, absolutely loves role-playing toys. She loves small world characters and anything that she can see in the real world but is able to use alongside her own imagination. The Schleich pony agility training set is perfectly suited for Daisy, as it is recommended for ages 3-8, and it is the perfect set to help Daisy’s imagination run wild. Also, I’ve really been enjoying playing with this set too!

Schleich Pony Agility Training set

The Schleich Pony Agility Training is from the Farm World collection, and is available from Smyths Toys, from April 2019. The price of this set will be £24.99. For the price inside the box you receive two ponies, paddock fencing, jump obstacles that can be used in a variety of ways, a see-saw, and even a little child figure, complete with hat and halter and lead rope for use on one of the ponies.

This set contains everything that little ones will need to let their imagination run wild. They can train their horses up, create new obstacles using the provided equipment and build a variety of fenced areas, including a paddock.

Schleich Pony Agility Training Items

Daisy already loves playing with farm-based toys and these ponies are going to make a fantastic addition to her collection. I love that Daisy can set this paddock up alongside her farm area and it is a nice natural integration for her. Also, the quality is fantastic. The items were well packaged (although there was a LOT of plastic packaging) and everything is very well made. I am not worried about the ponies losing a leg or becoming ‘injured’ during Daisy’s playtime, unlike one of her favourite Peppa Pig characters who recently lost an arm!

Schleich Pony Agility Training

As well as the fantastic Schleich Pony Agility Training Set we were also set a Schleich Wild Life Starter set. As Daisy is 3 and has a very vivid imagination, all of her animals are able to play nicely together. This is really sweet and I’ve already observed the zebra balancing over one of the pieces of paddock fence.

Schleich Wild Life Starter

The Schleich range of toys is designed to suit kids for a number of years. I love them! Many of the other toys I see for Daisy are tailored to a specific age range. Daisy has been playing with Schleich toys for around 6 months already. She was thrilled to have some new items to add to her collection.

I personally love the quality. I also love that I won’t have to worry about trying to fix them back together. Personally, I feel that breakages are unlikely to occur through normal use. Also, when Daisy is older Schleich have a fantastic Horse Club range too for her to grow into. As I used to ride ponies myself when I was a child I’m loving this set!

Want to buy some lovely Schleich toys?

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*Farm World / *Pony Agility Race / *Wildlife Starter Set / *Horse Club Rider

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