Review: Shark DuoClean Corded with Flexology HV390UK (AD – Gifted)

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We were gifted this item in exchange for coverage. Recently my lovely Mum had open heart surgery, and therefore her old vacuum cleaner was no longer suitable for her. I was looking for something lighter, and more convenient for my Mum to use, to help her keep her home clean and also be easy on her chest while it is healing. As I have heard great things about Shark before I opted to choose her the Shark DuoClean Corded with Flexology HV390UK, which is £149 and you can buy it from AO. I’ve given this vacuum a run for its money, to ensure that it is going to be suitable for my Mum, and I want to share with you my Shark DuoClean Corded with Flexology HV390UK review.

Shark DuoClean Corded with Flexology HV390UK

Firstly you can use this vacuum as a small handheld, which is fantastic. This is ideal for clearing up crumbs, going along the tops of radiators or window ledges and even cleaning the car (with an extension lead of course!). Although, saying that, the cord on this is a fantastic 10 metres!


Shark DuoClean Corded with Flexology HV390UK - A look at the attachments

There is a crevice tool and a dusting tool too which is ideal for getting your home clean in record quick time. For me personally I always dust and vacuum on the same days so this is really handy, especially for areas like the radiator cover in the hall and even the skirtings in the bathroom. I love that the tools can just be given a wash in disinfectant afterwards to keep them hygienic too. I love using disinfectant around my home and these are my top 10 uses for Zoflora.

Shark DuoClean Corded with Flexology HV390UK - A look at the upright vacuum cleaner

The main part of the HV390UK is the upright vacuum. This HV390UK is bagless, and the bin can hold 1L of dust and mess – which is great. This means you don’t need to empty it every single time you use it, although emptying it is very straight-forward too and takes minimal effort.

Shark DuoClean Corded with Flexology HV390UK - a look at the usage light

There is a little indicator light that comes on when the vacuum is in use that lets you know everything is working fine.

Shark DuoClean Corded with Flexology HV390UK - a look at the cleaning rollers

The rollers spin really fast and they pick up a LOT of dirt and dust, in record time. I tested using a few things, such as bicarbonate of soda after cleaning my mattress and wool after a knitting session, and it did not struggle at all.

The best thing about this vacuum is that it has a flexible-wand, that can be bent into a different position. This is ideal for vacuuming under beds, sofas and much more. This isn’t something I’ve actually seen on a vacuum myself before which makes this even more interesting to me – as I love cleaning!

Shark DuoClean Corded with Flexology HV390UK - a look at the roller button to activate the vacuum

Turning the HV390UK on is simply a case of rolling the button upwards. Then there are two modes of suitability.

Shark DuoClean Corded with Flexology HV390UK - A look at the power button lights

Shark DuoClean Corded with Flexology HV390UK - A look at the two power modes

As you can see this is suitable for use on hard floor and area rugs on the first setting, and thick pile carpets on the second setting. So far in my home, and in my Mum’s house, we have used it on thick rugs, wooden floors and lino, with no problems at all. The suction quality is fantastic on each of these areas and it does not disappoint at all.

Shark DuoClean Corded with Flexology HV390UK - using the vacuum

While this feels heavy, when you connect the flexible floorhead, it is really lightweight once it is placed on to the floor. This makes it ideal for almost effortless cleaning around the home.

There are a number of features that I love about the HV390UK

Bagless – money saving and simple to empty

Works well on hard floors and carpets

Has two great tools for cleaning crevices such as skirting boards and getting cobwebs

The dusting brush works really well on delicate surfaces and hasn’t scratched my surfaces

The floorhead is flexible and swivels really well.

The flexible-wand can reach underneath sofas and other furniture without having to bend low.

The price of this is just £149! A real bargain compared to similar branded products.

A+ rated.

No loss of suction when changing heads.


Overall I’m really impressed with the quality of this vacuum, especially for £149! The HV390UK is great quality, feels strong and well made but is nice and lightweight when it is on the floor. Also, when the floorhead is removed the base of the vacuum is really very light, ideal for people who aren’t strong, like my Mum after her recent operation.

Looking for something else? I’ve recently reviewed a SET of Shark vacuums – one of which is a similar Duoclean and I love it!

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(AD) Trying out the Shark Duoclean corded vacuum with flexology HV390UK

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