Review: Water Babies Chapter 4 (AD – Discount)

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We received a discount in exchange for coverage. My regular readers will know that Daisy and I love Water Babies. We have taken part in an underwater photoshoot and we have now completed chapter 4. Water Babies Chapter 4 has been a great chapter for us. We didn’t have to miss many lessons. 2 I think, out of 10. So that was great. Also, we didn’t feel behind because of the lessons that we did miss. Daisy has come on leaps and bounds, again, and I’ve really enjoyed getting in the water with her. Anyway, here is my Water Babies Chapter 4 review.

Water Babies Chapter 4 Review - Daisy getting ready for swimming

As you can see Daisy absolutely loves Water Babies and this is a photo of her getting ready for Water Babies Chapter 4. I can’t believe how much she has changed since we first started going!

Daisy has become SO relaxed during our Water Babies Chapter 4 lessons. She has started to learn to float on her belly using a woggle and she has really developed lots.

Water Babies Chapter 4 Review - Daisy floating

A few seconds after this photograph was taken I was able to let go and for a few seconds Daisy floated by herself with the woggle. This was such a fantastic moment and I was really pleased to see this.

During this chapter Thomas and I have shared the responsibility a lot more. Thomas has gone in to the water for around half of the lessons and I’ve really enjoyed watch Daisy and Thomas swimming together.

In Water Babies Chapter 4 we have learned to ‘row down the stream’, ‘dangled like a scarecrow’ and done a ‘1,2,3 swim on our own’. What this means is that Daisy can now sit on a large float, rowing around the swimming pool before being dove back into the water by one of us parents. Also, Daisy has worked on her floating and she is able to hear 1,2,3 (which she says too!) and then be pushed forward to swim from us to her teacher Helen. This is all fantastic progress and it is working on teaching Daisy to dive into the water, to be safe and to start swimming independently.

Water Babies Chapter 4 Review

As you can see Daisy is practicing being on her front. This is a really important skill for swimming and the one that I worried about Daisy achieving the most. I thought that Daisy would not do well, as we could never do a lot of tummy time because of her reflux. Water Babies Chapter 4 has really helped with this and it has been my favourite chapter so far.

Daisy is very confident in the water and we have been practicing moving along the bar at the end of the swimming pool. We started off just learning to hold on but now Daisy can hold on and is learning to move along successfully. We are now, in Chapter 5, working on diving in from the edge of the pool!

What was the best part of Water Babies Chapter 4?

For me it would have to be Daisy floating by herself with the woggle. Also, seeing her learning to move along the edge of the swimming pool was lovely too. I’ve really enjoyed this chapter and think it has been my favourite one so far. I’m sure I’ll say that every time, as it is lovely watching my daughter learn, but we really enjoy our swimming lessons in Harlow.

You can find out more about Water Babies here. Also, you can visit the Water Babies Facebook page for my local area if you want to see funny parenting memes and learn more about swimming with Water Babies.

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(AD) Our Water Babies Chapter 4 review. Daisy floating around during her swimming lesson and loving it!

We received our lessons at a discounted rate in exchange for this review. All opinions are our own.

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  1. Lucy Ephgrave September 13, 2017 / 8:13 am

    So lovely to see Daisy so confident in the water we will have to go center PARC’s again next year xx

    • katykicker September 14, 2017 / 7:21 pm

      Yeah definitely. Love you x

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