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Rubber roast chicken

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Recently my lovely Mum picked my up several whole chickens for just £1.25. These were reduced from £7 originally and were the huge chickens that you often see just before Christmas Day. I was really pleased with this and I promptly decided that I was going to stretch them as far as possible. A rubber roast chicken basically means you stretch a chicken as far as it is physically possible. There are a number of ways that you can do this, of course, but today I’m going to share my favourite.

A rubber roast chicken should ideally make at least 3 meals, depending on the amount of people that you are feeding. At the moment I am feeding two people, myself and my husband. This obviously means that our meals go further than yours may if you are feeding a larger family.

Rubber roast chicken

First of all I cooked the roast chicken in my *slow cooker. It is super simple to do this, and requires next to no effort. Here is my slow cooker roast chicken recipe, that has never let me down. You can turn the chicken upside down if you are not so worried about the appearance and instead you want to make sure that the breast meat is nice and tender. I personally don’t have a problem with the breast meat when it is cooked the ‘normal’ way up, as photographed above.

This is how far I stretched my rubber roast chicken this week:

  1. First of all we started off by having a roast chicken dinner with all the trimmings. For this we personally used breast meat.
  2. I saved the juices from the chicken and with the addition of some wing/thigh meat, and a few store cupboard ingredients, I made a hearty chicken soup. You could add noodles to this as well to make it more substantial. I have froze this but will serve it with a tear & share bread that I make in my *Panasonic breadmaker.
  3. Chicken pie. I followed my spinach and filo chicken pie recipe and used frozen filo pastry. This is a nice convenient meal and great served with a huge pile of vegetables. It is hearty and filling. You could make shortcrust pastry instead, which is also cheap. I used breast/thigh meat for this. This is suitable for freezing but we had it the day after our roast chicken dinner as it is quite a different chicken meal.
  4. Chicken fajitas. I made my homemade tortilla recipe for this and added vegetables. Then I added onions, peppers and sweetcorn, as they were ready in my freezer. I used breast/thigh meat for this as a mixture is nice and adds extra succulence.  It also helps to use up the slightly less tasty looking thigh meat. You can add the items into a freezer bag and turn this into a *slow cooker meal for a day when you are short on preparation time.
  5. Chicken fajita pizzas. I saved a small amount of the leftover chicken fajita mix and used this as a base for pizzas. After this I made the pizza dough in my *Panasonic breadmaker and then I part baked it. I applied the chicken fajita mix, added grated cheese and then I froze these. This meant that we weren’t eating chicken for days and days in a row without a change!

With the last leftover scraps of chicken I added them to cooked sweetcorn and mayonnaise. I spread this between frozen bread and put 3 sandwiches in the freezer for my husband. These are ideal when he is at work and we have had a busy day the night before. He can take a wrapped frozen sandwich from the freezer and have something healthy at work. This keeps him away from the vending machine and saves us a nice amount of money too. I cooked the sweetcorn when I prepared the chicken fajita mix.

As you can see you can actually make a rubber roast chicken stretch pretty far! We got four full meals from it, soup and a few sandwiches for the freezer too. Even if I had paid full price for the chicken I would be very happy with that. All of the above meals can be made up the morning after your roast dinner (if you’re too full the night before) and then popped into the freezer.

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Tuesday 16th of January 2018

Yeah probably not plausible with hungry teens. Maybe if you cooked a turkey? Haha x


Tuesday 16th of January 2018

Thank you! x


Tuesday 16th of January 2018

Six people from one chicken is a great result I think! x

Emily Leary

Monday 15th of January 2018

Great tips to make a chicken stretch further - and I love that name. So memorable!


Tuesday 16th of January 2018

Thanks so much! x


Sunday 14th of January 2018

I’d never heard of a rubber roast dinner before so this was very interesting to read. Great to know you can get that many meals out of them!


Tuesday 16th of January 2018

You can stretch it pretty far with a bit of effort and preparation!