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Russell Hobbs 18558 Desire Mini Chopper – A time saver!

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I love a kitchen gadget, especially if I feel that it can make life a bit easier for me. Anything that can reduce the boring jobs is ideal for me. That is why I use a number of kitchen gadgets. I love my *food processor although I’ve gone through a couple now – overuse?! Sometimes I don’t want to get out the bulky food processor and this is when I use my Russell Hobbs 18558 Desire Mini Chopper.

Russell Hobbs 18558 Desire Mini Chopper

The mini chopper that I own is *this one. I paid just under £20 for mine. It was delivered the next day thank to Amazon Prime. It is available in *red, *silver and *black (under slightly different model numbers) – I went for black to match my kitchen appliances.

This mini chopper is very simple to set up & use. In the box there is a bowl, the lid/button, a plastic lid and the stainless steel blade. The bowl is glass and holds 0.7 litres of food, which is a surprisingly large amount. There is also a max line that allows you to see where to fill up to. You can go over this, as I have. Occasionally vegetables are not chopped fully.

The blade is simple to remove, and sits on a spring within the glass bowl. The lid just twists on and then once you’ve plugged it in your just press down on the button and the blade begins to spin. It takes just a few seconds to chop an onion up into small pieces and it makes light work of it too.

I love the convenience of this mini chopper!

If I am chopping a larger amount of vegetables then I chop them up into smaller pieces before throwing them in. I swipe around the sides with a *silicone spatula. This helps me use ALL of the vegetables I chop.

The plastic lid is ideal. You can use this lid and then put your prepared food in the fridge. The glass bowl is great as you can check on items in your fridge. Also you can remind yourself of what you have already prepared!

In all I find the Russell Hobbs 18558 Desire Mini Chopper really simple to use. This mini chopper takes just seconds to plug in and it works great too. Best of all it is small enough to fit in a tiny space. It slots between some pipes in one of my cupboards. The glass bowl makes this really easy to clean.. It does not absorb any smells from onions, garlic etc. This is an advantage over plastic items. I’m so happy with the quality of it.

I’m becoming quite the fan of Russell Hobbs products. I love our slow cooker that is made by the same brand. I make lots of delicious meals including this slow cooker roast chicken.

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I love my Russell Hobbs 18558 Desire Mini Chopper. It is super convenient, fast to use and makes light work of chopping

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