How to save the environment while saving money

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*This is a collaborative post*. Have you ever considered the fact that going a little greener might actually save you money? It is totally achievable to have a sustainable lifestyle that is easy on your wallet. Many people associate being environmentally friendly with having to pay high prices for things like wind farms and solar panels, but this is not the case. Sustainability starts with the little things at home, in your household and in your neighbourhood.

How to save the environment while saving money

Here are some great ideas to help you go green, help the planet and actually save yourself some money, including things to do at home and in the garden.

In the bathroom

You could look at installing sink water aerators in your bathroom sink. There are incredibly cheap to install and reduce the flow of water out of the sink. The outcome is much less water usage, helping your water bills and the water shortage crisis.

You could also consider installing a low-flow shower head. This reduces the amount of water that comes out of the showerhead, without reducing the water pressure! Another thing many people do is place a brick in their toilet tank. This makes an old toilet into a low-flow toilet. Wrap the brick in a waterproof plastic bag and place in, this will reduce the amount of water wasted on every single flush!

In the kitchen

There are many things you can do in the kitchen to help save you money and make a positive impact on the environment. Firstly your fridge – keep the coils at the back/underside of your fridge clean. The dust and dirt may make it harder than it actually needs to in order to run efficiently.

Only ever run your dishwasher when it is actually full. This means that you make the best use of the water and don’t waste any that is used unnecessarily to wash your dishes. Another great idea is to make your own cleaning solutions instead of store bought cleaners. This means that you will be cleaning your home without any of the nasty chemicals you find in store bought formulas.

In the office

If you have an office or any type of room you do work in, you can also save money and the environment in there. Start by always shutting off your computer and monitor when you are not using them. Similarly, always unplug your mobile when it is finished charging. Once it is fully charged, keeping it plugged in isn’t really doing anything except wasting electricity.

When you use your printer, it’s better to use both sides of the paper. All printers will have this option in the settings. Helping to save the trees used to make the paper is helping the environment and you get to spend less money on purchasing the paper- win, win!

In the garden

In the garden, helping the environment is achievable in a multiple of ways. You could install a rain barrel to collect rainwater. Then use the water for things like washing the car and watering the plants. You can also use bunded oil tanks to help make a positive difference. It is a safe and environmentally friendly way to store your oil without harming the environment through air pollution and water pollution.

Outdoor solar lights are great to light the path to your door and around the garden without using electricity. They charge during the day and then light up all night. Also, consider low maintenance lawn care, a push on lawn mower is great if you have a small yard and saves on gas and pollution. Composting food scraps and starting your own organic garden are just a few other ways you can utilise your outdoor space to go a little greener.

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