Saving money with Plusnet and my new contract sim

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So my lovely husband is going to be needing a new car soon. We were told at the last MOT, in November 2016, that the chassis of the car has seen better days. While it is still perfectly safe to drive our mechanic told us so that we have 1-2 years to save up for a new car. Anyway, as part of our moneysaving year I have been saving my earnings from paid surveys. This equates to £1000s throughout the year and it is amazing to see how the small amounts really do add up. When I was contacted by Plusnet, who wanted to work with me to help me save some more money, this seemed like the perfect time to ramp up our savings efforts in general.

Plusnet - travel goodies

As part of my money saving challenge from Plusnet I was given a selection of goodies to help me save some money. Today I want to show you the items that I received and also tell you all about the ways that I’ll be working on saving some extra money. This money is going to be used for our next holiday, in November, rather than saving for a car. The reason for this is that I want the car to be earned solely from completing surveys. However, I also want to save us a nice sum of money for our next holiday – and then the one after that. So this seems like the perfect way to get things kick-started.

The first items that I have received are related to money saving. Firstly there is this brilliant Lonely Planet book, that helps me plan our travels while visiting places that are free. Also, I received a beautiful suitcase money box. I am currently storing pound coins in this – ready for treats on our holiday. I’ve already built up a few pounds by saving money on our grocery shopping, and getting food delivered to avoid multiple trips to the supermarket where I always overspend.

Plusnet - budget planner

I’ve been using this planner to keep a track of all our upcoming bills. Being able to write them all down has been fantastic for me so far. I’ve been able to keep track of our differing nursery payments for Daisy each month and other things that only come up once a year, such as MOT etc. Initially I was a bit skeptical that I was going to find this useful but actually it has been fantastic for me so far. I’m really organised at the moment and this is definitely helping with the money saving.

Plusnet - meal planner

This meal planner has been great for helping with our budget. In the past I have planned our evening meals with lots of success. I have wrote my meal planning tips up before, and also wrote about meal planning with mince. However, I don’t usually plan our breakfasts and lunches which is where we can go wrong somewhere. This can lead to unexpected trips to the supermarket, which always leads to overspending. Since nipping this in the bud I’ve been able to save around £50 per month – at least!

Plusnet - light box

Now this light box isn’t strictly for money saving – however using it brightens up my desk which makes me happy. When I’m happy I’m more focused with work and in turn making more money.

Plusnet - chocolate coins

I have saved these in my money box. Just kidding. These were promptly demolished as soon as the box of goodies from Plusnet arrived!

My new Plusnet pay monthly contract sim:

Plusnet - My sim deal

One of the main ways that I will be saving money over the coming year is by using a Plusnet sim only deal. For just £15 per month I am able to get unlimited texts, unlimited phone calls AND 4GB of data. As I was paying almost £22 from O2 this is is a saving of around £80-85 per year. Also, I had a contract deal with O2, where I was buying my phone on a monthly payment. I have bought out of this now, and will be buying my next new phone outright. This will lead to around £60 of savings too. This represents quite a significant saving. The saving comes from not being overcharged for buying the phone monthly. I’ll just pay for it in the Apple store, assuming that I choose to buy one. Plusnet have a range of sim only deals.

The best thing about moving to Plusnet…

The best thing about all this money saving, and moving my number over to Plusnet, is that I have been able to get better reception! For example at my allotment my signal is usually awful. I can’t upload photos to Instagram, I can’t use FaceTime or multiple other things. This has changed since switching to Plusnet. I can even work at my allotment and use my internet data on my MacBook – which is where I wrote this post. I should point out that there was one day I had NO signal at all, however, after moaning to Plusnet I found out my husband, on Three, had the same problem. 

This has added another element to our quality of life that has been fantastic. Being able to work, and enjoy our allotment, while Daisy is at nursery, is great. It means I don’t overdo it when working and I am also productive too.

Moving my number over from O2

I was able to port my number over from O2. It did take 2 working days, instead of the quoted one working day. I applied on a Saturday so it may be that my request was processed on the Monday. Then completed late Tuesday. I’m not the most observant person at the best of times! Overall I have been really pleased with the sim, so far, I’m getting great signal everywhere and I have more internet data for a lower cost.

This post has been prepared in collaboration with Plusnet. I received a years Plusnet contract pay monthly sim, and the above goodies you can see, from Plusnet. All opinions are my own. I’m genuinely pleased with Plusnet, so far!

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  1. Fra August 11, 2017 / 8:50 am

    That all sounds really good! I am so jealous about all of the goodies 🙂 how are you getting on with your survey savings?

    • katykicker August 11, 2017 / 8:51 am

      Really well thanks, I think we are about halfway there, so right on track with 8 months to go! Must be £4,000-£5,000 somewhere now x

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