Savisto Stand Mixer Review

Recently I spoke to the lovely people at Savisto and they agreed to send me out one of their bright Savisto stand mixers, to allow me to give it a whirl and write about my experiences.

I’m a huge fan of baking, particularly from a moneysaving point of view. For example a simple tortilla dough can save around 80% versus buying them in the shops and they are healthier for you too! I love making simple switches in my daily life to allow me to save a little money and possibly cut back on the calories a little bit too.

Here is a look at the stand mixer that I received:

Savisto Stand Mixer Review 1

As you can see it is a lovely red colour, so it matches the room that it is in. There is a button, for moving the mixer part up or down. This makes it easy to remove the bowl, with a simple twisting lock action. There are six speed options + pulse and there is a booklet included to let you know which of the speeds is best for what preparation.

Savisto Stand Mixer Review - Mixing bread

This mixer comes with three hooks: dough, beater and whisk.

I set to work making a basic bread dough, which took me just minutes! I was able to mix together the dry ingredients with a little butter and it took care of making the breadcrumb style beginnings of the mix.

Savisto Stand Mixer Review - mixing bread dough

As you can see it mixed everything together well and I was really pleased as it only took around a minute, on speed 1!

Savisto stand mixer review - bread dough

My dough turned out really well, especially considering I only mixed it for a minute or two. I used speed 1 and then as the dough became firmer I used speed 2 and this was more than ample for mixing dough, as the enclosed book advised it would.

Another fantastic part of receiving this stand mixer was that I also received a booklet with lots of great recipes. So far I have used one of the recipes, for gingerbread, and been really pleased with the results. From looking at the recipes they appear to be well written and for the most part contain the usual ingredients that I would expect to see.

The recipe booklet contains numerous recipes including pastry, pies, cookies, cakes, bread and even pasta. As I’ve already got a pasta maker this is going to take some of the effort away from homemade pasta – which is fantastic!

Savisto Stand Mixer Review - Finished bread

As you can see my bread hasn’t turn out too bad at all!

I baked my loaf in this loaf tin and then I turned it out onto this cooling rack and it was delicious the next morning.

Overall I have been really pleased with the quality of this Savisto stand mixer. I feel that it works at a similar pace as a more expensive branded mixer that I have used before only it is a fraction of the price. The price of this mixer is currently £95.99 and you can receive 20% off this price just by signing up to their weekly newsletter before you make your first purchase.

I am looking forward to making lots more recipes featuring this stand mixer and you can expect it to feature in a few recipes in the future! The colour is lovely, it is easy to operate and it seems to have enough power for the tasks that I have set it so far.

I haven’t had any issues with the Savisto stand mixer at all. It has grips on the feet, to help it stay in place on your kitchen worktop, it is functional and it is seemingly really good quality. I’ve only been using it for a week so far but I’ve had nothing to complain about. The 5.5 litre bowl is a fantastic capacity for mixing and I love that I can just rinse it in the sink when I have finished with it.

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  1. Lyndsey O'Halloran October 12, 2016 / 9:42 pm

    Oooh that looks lovely and good to hear you’re getting on well with it.

    • katykicker October 12, 2016 / 9:43 pm

      Thanks – I’m loving it! Going to make some nice cakes again this weekend. I’ve used it for chocolate orange cupcakes too but I forgot to add the photo!!

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