Review: Schleich Horse Club Hannah’s Guest Horses with Ruby the Dog (AD – Gifted)

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We were gifted this item in exchange for coverage. Daisy was introduced to Schleich toys a few months ago when we were on a day trip to a zoo. Daisy came home with a zebra, tiger and a few other lovely little animals and she loves them. We were then sent Schleich Pony Agility Training which Daisy absolutely loved. Now we have a new Schleich toy, that is designed to be used with the Pony Agility Training and other items from the Horse Club range.

Schleich Horse Club

Schleich Horse Club Hannah’s Guest Horses with Ruby the Dog

Hannah’s Guest Horses with Ruby the Dog is available to buy for £29.99. You can find this in store at selected Smyths Toys stores. You can also find lots of other Schleich toys on the Smyths Toys website.

This particular set is designed for use by children aged 5-12. It is not suitable for under 3s, due to small parts. I always supervise Daisy when she is playing toys, and don’t leave her unattended with small items.

In the box, you receive lots of individually wrapped pieces. The horses are protected, with cardboard folded between the legs, to ensure they arrive with you damage free. There is a LOT of plastic packaging, as you can see. This is a real shame as it feels a little unnecessary.

A look at the pieces in the box

There is a little instruction booklet with this set, to help you build it correctly. Most of the building is self-explanatory, although you need to put the gates on a certain way around, to allow you to use the little lock for the two gates to be held together. This is really simple to follow and it only took me a couple of minutes to get this set ready for Daisy to play with it.

A look at the pieces once unwrapped

What do you get with this set?

This set contains a gate, with lock, and enough pieces of fence to create a small paddock for the horses. Ruby the dog comes with her own kennel, food bowl, neckerchief, stick and bone. The attend to detail of this set is lovely, as there is even a teeny tiny blue bird that can sit on the top of the fence and watch over the animals. There are two horses, a Mum, and her foal. There is also a blanket that you can use on either of the horses, although it is meant to be used to keep the foal warm.

Ruby has her own kennel, which comes with a little storage area on the side. This is perfect for storing her bowl, stick and other items. There is a lift up panel which gives easy access to the storage area.

Schleich Club Hannahs Guest Horses with Ruby the Dog

I love the little detailing of this set. The lock for the paddock gates is simple to use, even for small hands. I also love this little basket of apples that clips on to the fence posts, or gate. It’s super sweet and Daisy absolutely loves playing with this set.

Apples to feed the horses

Here is a look at the rest of the set. It’s really sweet! I love the detailing of this set, and how strong and sturdy Schleich toys are in general. They are a little more expensive than other role play based toys, but I think they are premium enough to justify the price tag. Each of the animals is super sturdy and can withstand lots of knocks and bumps from my 3-year-old.

Schleich Horse Club Hannahs Guest Horses with Ruby the Dog

I feel like this particular Schleich set is designed to help Daisy understand that animals have babies too. The foal is adorable and Daisy was so amazed when I told her that this horse was actually a baby horse, and had come from the Mummy horse. Daisy is really interested in learning where babies come from (already knowing the basics of how they leave your body) and she found this fact made the set even more interesting for her.

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*Schleich Horse Club Hannah’s Guest Horses with Ruby the Dog

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