Self-care gifts this Father’s Day with Braun Series 3 Proskin (AD)

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AD. Dads really are wonderful. We hear a lot in the news about Mums, and parents in general, but Dads, and my own husband who is also a Father, will always be close to my heart. My husband works 12-hour shifts, comes home and cooks the dinner, fixes broken toys, comforts Daisy when she is upset in the night, supports me through the difficult times in life and all with barely a moan. Dads, much like us Mums, often forget to find time for self-care and a little pampering. I like to encourage my husband to look after himself, both physically and mentally. We try to support one another in finding time to eat well, exercise and look after our bodies. For my husband this means going out for a run several times a week, packing healthy snacks at work and looking after his appearance. Today I’m sharing with you some of the products I will be gifting him this Father’s Day to help Thomas put his own needs first for a change.

I know, if I asked Thomas, that he would say he doesn’t need anything for Father’s Day. He would love a card, featuring a personalised doodle from Daisy, but I want to give him something more this year. Being able to find a little time to look after yourself can be so good for your soul. I love nothing more than a face mask or a long soak in the tub at the end of a long day. I know for Thomas that escaping to the bathroom to trim his beard, or running down by the River, are two things that he loves to do to help feel better about himself.

We live in a small home, so space is at a premium, which is why this Father’s Day gift guide features space-saving products that will give my husband a chance to look after himself without using up lots of space. I’ve chosen items that I know he is going to love using and appreciate, throughout the year, not just for a short amount of time.

Self-care gifts from Braun

My husband Thomas sports a lovely beard. It is one of my favourite things about him, partly because a little swirl grows in it. This reminds me of water flowing away and there is just something adorable about it for me. As Thomas works a desk job he likes to look presentable and loves to keep his beard looking trim and tidy. This means that Thomas shapes his beard, and trims the hairs away that don’t fit in with his preferred shape. I want him to be able to do this quickly, safely and with ease which is why I’m gifting him the Braun Series 3 ProSkin Electric Shaver. I know that Thomas has owned a few Braun styling and shaving products in the 10 years that we have been together and as he’s a premium brand lover this seemed to be a great sign!

Self-care gifts this Father's Day with Braun Series 3 Proskin

The Braun Series 3 Proskin offers a 3-in-1 solution for men who want to have the freedom to choose between being cleanly shaven and having a precise beard style, all with one device. The ProSkin technology allows you to use the shaver with changeable beard trimmer attachments from the Braun Series 3 Shave&Style range. This shaver offers cutting-edge technology and the usual fantastic craftsmanship that my husband has come to expect from Braun.

The shaving head works in straight, intuitive strokes and this means that men won’t need to keep shaving the same spot over and over, trying to make contact with all those stubborn hairs. The microcombs, that surround the middle trimmer, are designed for longer hair. They help to align hairs into the right direction, for the cutting element to trim them down to size, from 1mm to 7mm, to suit most styles.

As well as saving time with fewer strokes required the Braun Series 3 Proskin can be used with shaving foam, shaving gel and even under the shower. If my husband is short on time, as he already wakes up at 4:30 am for work, I know that he can fit in time to pamper himself.

If you’re looking to treat the Dad in your life this Father’s Day, whether your own or the Dad of your children, Braun has a wide range of products that you can be sure he will want to use all year round. Braun has products including shavers, as featured above, and styling products such as beard trimmers or multi-grooming kits. Find them at If you love the look of the shaver I’ve featured then you may want to learn more about the ProSeries 3.

As well as saving my husband time when pampering himself I want him to feel great about himself. Part of this is eating well and finding time for going on a run. I’ve selected him a few other gifts for Father’s Day that I know are going to make his life run smoother.

Happy Jackson Snack Boxes

My husband loves to pack himself healthy snacks to take to work. Working 12-hour shifts, and not being able to leave his office, means he likes to have a selection of fruits & nuts, teas and treats to hand. These Happy Jackson snack boxes are ideal. They store inside one another, like little Russian doll boxes, and they are adorable too. They are well made, high quality and ideal for rattling around in the bottom of Thomas’ bag at work.

Joseph Joseph Storage Nest

I appreciate this may seem a little bit bizarre for a Father’s Day gift, however, it is perfect for my husband! Thomas is ALWAYS moaning about the haphazard way that all of the storage pots sit together in the cupboard. With this beautiful Joseph Joseph Nest Storage, we can keep our leftovers, or pack for a picnic, without the pots taking up lots of space when not in use. I love making the most of our money, and looking after the environment too, so these storage pots are ideal.

Sol Republic earphones

As I mentioned before my husband enjoys going out for a nice run. He loves to work on losing weight, boosting his fitness and clearing his mind before he begins his long shifts at work. True wireless earbuds from Sol Republic are fantastic for exercise. They are wireless, have amazing sound quality and they are comfortable to wear thanks to the silicone air grooves.

Father's Day Gift Guide 2018 - Oral B Toothbrush

The last item that I am gifting Thomas for Father’s Day is this Oral-B Genius 9000 toothbrush. This is a premium toothbrush, designed to help keep teeth sparkling, and I know he is going to be thrilled with this. Thomas can achieve 100% brushing coverage and best of all this comes with an app, yes an actual app, to ensure that teeth are being brushed correctly. As we have spent a small fortune in recent years at the dentist, to ensure we have healthy teeth, this is going to be a huge help in maintaining the health of our teeth.

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