Celebrate 90 years of Swizzels and share your sweetest invention (AD – Gifted)

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We were gifted items in exchange for coverage. The lovely people at Swizzels are celebrating their 90th Birthday this year. 90 whole years of delicious sweets. Yum! I’m partial to a few Swizzels sweets, with a drumstick lolly being one of my favourites. The Drumstick is iconic for me and I absolutely love one of those little sticks of deliciousness. Even if I do have a mild fear about one of my teeth falling out after I’ve chilled them in the fridge. Swizzels, who sent me a bundle of sweets to enjoy, wanted to let me know about their ‘share your sweetest invention’ competition – so I could share with you naturally!

Celebrate 90 years of Swizzels and share your sweetest invention

When I was growing up, and even now as an adult, I used to dream about visiting a sweet factory, or Charlie’s chocolate factory! How about you? Would you like to have the chance to visit a sweet factory yourself? What about if you could visit the iconic Swizzels factory, where they make literally millions of sweets every single week.

Share your sweetest invention with Swizzels

Head on over to the Swizzels website to share your sweetest invention. Grab yourself a notebook and get working on a new invention of your greatest ever Swizzels sweet. You can imagine all sorts of weird and wonderful flavours, and combinations using Swizzels sweets. Then, once you’re ready you can share your sweetest invention with Swizzels.

Four lucky people will have their sweets chosen, and put to the public vote, and then one of those people (aged 16+) will win a tour of the Swizzels factory! A TOUR OF A SWEET FACTORY! 

What would you ideal sweet be? Get thinking! For me, I would probably like to see a Drumstick lolly, with some sherbet from a Double Dip inside. Yum! Now I think about it this is probably a refresher? Or close to one. Perhaps I would like to see a super long refresher lolly, in a twist, to make it easy to eat.

What are you waiting for? Go get inventing!

Love sweeties? Take a look this Drumsticks package I got from Swizzels last year:

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