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Review: Shark NV601IF200UK Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner and Cordless Bundle (AD – Gifted)

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We were gifted the featured vacuum cleaners in exchange for coverage. If you have been following me for a while it is no secret that I love a little bit of cleaning! In the de-cluttering, my spring cleaning tips for a tidy home and lots more.

Personally, I have been spending 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week, to ensure that my home is spick and span. I’ve found that this works really well and means that I can have the weekend off and we can play and enjoy our home without worrying about mess and clutter.

Recently I was gifted the Shark NV601IF200UK Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner and Cordless Bundle from the lovely people at AO and today I want to share my thoughts with you. Please note that this specific bundle is no longer available to buy.


First up I’m going to talk to you about the Shark DuoClean with Flexology IF200UK Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. I have actually reviewed another Duoclean Shark in the past – and loved it!

NV601IF200UK A look at the Duoclean

I LOVE a cordless vacuum. These are ideal for running around the living room once Daisy has gone to bed, and left the remnants of her dinner behind. Also, I can whip a cordless vacuum around my home twice a day.

In just a couple of minutes a day I can ensure that my home is mostly dust and dirt free. I can also clean up all of the crumbs after Daisy has had her lunch, which avoids problems building up.

NV601IF200UK Handheld Duoclean
NV601IF200UK Duoclean Handheld

The Shark IF200UK is absolutely fantastic. Firstly it is cordless, which is great. This means I can pop out to vacuum the floor of the car, or clean around my entire home without worrying about finding a free plug socket. Also, there are THREE tools with the Shark IF200UK, along with a bag to hold them all.

NV601IF200UK Duoclean accessories

There is a dusting brush, great for a quick whip around before I actually dust. There is a crevice tool, ideal for cleaning around the skirting boards and the edges of our sofas. Lastly, there is an upholstery tool which is ideal for cleaning the cats sleeping areas, cushions on the sofa and even the curtains.

NV601IF200UK Duoclean Vacuum Head

Run-time on the battery is up to 22 minutes, but this depends if you use the highest power option or not. Also, you can switch between use on carpets and hard floors, which will also have an effect on the battery life. Once the battery is dead it takes around 3.5 hours to fully charge the battery.

(AD) I'm loving the new Shark Steam Mop S6001UK. My floors have never been cleaner and it is double sided too! #cleaning #Shark #mop #mopping #floors

This is not bad and means I can use it again in the evening if I place it on charge in the morning. If you want multiple batteries then you can actually buy a docking station, and additional batteries, directly from Shark.

Shark NV601IF200UK Duoclean

Emptying the dust cylinder is simple. It detaches from the long handle of the vacuum, and then there is a button to press and the lid of the dust cylinder opens. The dust is really fine, and simple to tip into the bin.

I have found it really simple to use the IF200UK daily. Sometimes twice daily. This is ideal for a quick vacuum around the living room, or even just dealing with crumbs in Daisy’s highchair.

Zoflora disinfectant, cleaning cloth and pink rubber gloves

I can use this for just a couple of minutes per day, and charge it just once or twice per week. The cord on the charging cable is pretty long, and it is convenient to just charge this sitting on my kitchen side.

NV601IF200UK Duoclean Fold Button
NV601IF200UK Duoclean Hose
A look at the NV601IF200UK Duoclean

I love how the IF200UK can be folded in half. This makes it simple to store in my hall cupboard, and I can also hang the bag that holds the paperwork and tools over the top of this too.

The long reach of this vacuum means I can even dust around the edges of my ceiling, or reach the top of the cupboards in my kitchen.

Next up in this bundle is the Shark Lift Away NV601UK. This is a bagless upright vacuum cleaner and it is ideal for cleaning the stairs in your home, as well as giving your whole home a good clean, without worrying about a battery running out.

The Shark Lift Away NV601UK is perfect for those days when I want to have a deep-clean. Perhaps I’m cleaning out our wardrobes, hall cupboards or just generally wanting to vacuum my entire home through really thoroughly.

I love having this to hand, when I have those deep clean days, as it is so convenient just to plug it in and be able to move around several rooms before I have to move the plug.

A look at the NV601IF200UK Liftaway
Lights on the NV601IF200UK Liftaway

One of the best features of this vacuum cleaner is that it is bagless, both of the vacuums in the NV601IF200UK bundle are. There is no need to buy bags, it is simple to empty and easy to use too. I love that when the bag needs emptying it is really simple to do so.

Also, if I need to give it a thorough clean I can hose this out in my bath and leave it to dry naturally before putting it back together again. The dustbin holds 1.65L which means I don’t have to empty it every time, although I usually do.

A bowl of lemon water to clean inside a microwave

The Lift Away NV601UK is great on both hard floors and carpets, and I have even used it to run over the cushions on my sofa when I’m too lazy to get the cordless Shark out.

I love that when I am running this around the edges in my home there is a bright LED light to help me see the dirt and dust. This is ideal for checking that I have cleaned up all of the cat hair that collects in my kitchen corners.

Shark NV601IF200UK
NV601IF200UK Liftaway Accessories

I love that the Sharks in the NV601IF200UK have HEPA filters, which are designed to remove allergens from my home. Also, I love that these can be washed and dried out if need be. The Lift Away NV601UK has an 8-metre cord, which means I only have to move the plug once when I’m cleaning my home.

NV601IF200UK Liftaway
NV601IF200UK Features
NV601IF200UK Liftaway Hose
NV601IF200UK Suction Liftaway Button
NV601IF200UK Liftaway Hose Nozzle

Overall I’m really impressed with both of the Shark models in the NV601IF200UK bundle. Also, I had Dyson vacuums before, and have replaced both of these with these Shark models.

I noticed that when using the vacuums for the first time, just one day after I last used my Dyson vacuums, the Shark picked up a LOT of dust. I was really surprised, as my floors looked pretty clean, so I’ve been really impressed with the suction.

I’m really happy to have two Shark vacuums and the NV601IF200UK bundle is fantastic for the family home. I love that I have the smaller cordless vacuum, to give my floors a once over every day.

A bed with grey striped pillows on

Then I have the larger Lift Away which is ideal for cleaning stairs (once we move!) and deep cleaning my home once or twice a week.

Please note that this specific bundle is no longer available to buy.

This Shark bundle, NV601IF200UK, previously sold on the AO website for £399, which is a bargain compared to buying the two Shark vacuums separately.

On the AO website, they retail for £239 and £249, making a saving of £89 when you buy them together. I love that AO offers next day delivery too, as it is so convenient.

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(AD) Read my review of the Shark NV601IF200UK dual set of vacuum cleaners. Lift Away and Duoclean vacuums. #Shark #Sharkvacuum #vacuumcleaner #cleaning #housework


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Thomas Hansen

Tuesday 18th of December 2018

I love this little vacuum... the fact that it's so small makes it perfect for getting all this dang cat hair off of my couch and bed and other furniture. The "pet hair attachment" my old vacuum came with doesn't do much at all, but this vacuum definitely gets the job done!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.